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Luxotic loves working with travelers who embody our brand and are passionate about inspiring others to travel with a purpose. We hand-pick social media representatives to partner with brands and companies for collaborations!

As a Luxotic Ambassador, you will represent the forefront of our brand and help grow our relationship-based travel community.

Opportunities as a Brand Ambassador:

– Collaborate with similar brands and companies for giveaways/promotions.
– Exclusive access to Luxotic Retreats website to contribute any content immediately.
– Network with top-notch social media pioneers in the relationship travel community.

Apply to be a Luxotic Brand Ambassador!


- Brand ambassadors must have basic knowledge in core principles of marketing and skills in modern marketing such as social media and digital marketing.
- Brand ambassadors must be passionate about networking, building, and growing loyal relationships between companies and all brand audiences.
- Brand ambassadors must have an established online presence across a variety of channels and platforms with a highly-engaged network. 
- Brand ambassadors must exude confidence, positivity, and natural leadership skills.
- Brand ambassadors must have a high level of professionalism while representing Luxotic Retreats and collaborated brands.
- Brand ambassadors must be able to gather feedback and provide innovative insight based on their experience with collaborated products or services. 
- Have questions? Email us:

Thanks for your application!

If you are chosen to be an Official Luxotic Retreats Brand Ambassador you will be notified via email.
We only accept individuals that produce relevant content, obtain an established presence, and embody core values of this brand’s identity, so please consider this when you submit an application. Due to the volumes of submissions we receive, if you are not selected to be an ambassador we may not be able to respond to you personally with feedback. We have included detailed guidelines to help your application be selected, so please ensure you follow these.
Thank you for being a part of our purposeful Luxotic travel community!