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luxotic retreats

luxotic retreats




Welcome Luxotic Ambassadors!

We congratulate you to bravely take the first step of bringing your purpose as travel influencers and ambassadors to life!

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"Inspire others to follow their travel dreams, to experience new cultures, and to help them find themselves through travel"

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We want you to focus on growing your skills and ignite the passion of helping travelers or even your friends to have the best travel experience, here are some benefits in detail that you will reap from our program:

  • Earn $50 every time someone leaves a deposit

  • Earn 5% of their total sales after they are fully paid

  • Earn $25 for every Travel Ambassador referral after they've stayed on for 3 months in the program

  • Get free retreat after 10 guests fully paid referrals

  • Your discount cose takes $50 OFF any retreat (you can also use this discount if you decide to travel with us!)

  • Get 50% OFF to all Luxotic Travel Course using code: AMBASSADOR

Click here to join the Luxotic Travel Ambassador Discord Group!

Don't have Telegram? Download it here now!

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