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Luxotic and Covid-19

For the past year, the world had come to a halt due to the deadly virus known as Covid-19.  Due to this pandemic, many countries were forced to shut down their international borders and cease traveling. This has also led to many companies like Luxotic, to reschedule their events and figure out ways to make sure that both employees and guests are safe while traveling and still have the ability to enjoy the full experience that was offered.

Currently in Indonesia, there are just over a million cases of Covid-19. With ceasing all international traveling coming in and going out the country and regularly testing and strict quarantine periods for all who enter, their number of cases has steadily decreased. After recent research and constant updating, Indonesia has slowly started to open their borders, but only to those carrying specific travel visas, honoring companies that are there for either business or diplomacy matters. However, due to Luxotic Retreats's ability to gain this business travel visa for our guests, we have been granted an increasing possibility of hosting our retreat this April. This is only possible if we follow the following guidelines:

  • A negative Covid-19 from a maximum 48 hours prior to flight date

  • Information data filled out on official Indonesia app (to monitor the number of people coming into the country)

  • A Covid-19 test taken at customs upon entering Indonesia

  • A required five day quarantine at appointed hotels ( at your own cost)

  • After fifth day of quarantine, another rapid test to be taken to confirm negative results

We too are unhappy with the current state of the world and the limitations that we now have to experience. But we also recognize that our and you, our guests, health and safety is of the utmost importance. Please look at the following links for more information of Covid-19 requirements for traveling

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