Stone Town and its buildings are full of history and stories of the old times on Zanzibar,  when Sultans, Arabs, Europeans and Zanzibar’s wrote the history of this beautiful island.  You will visit the Anglican Cathedral and the Slave markets, the Palace of the Sultans, Tip  Tip’s House, the Old Arabic Fort, Forodhani Park and of course the famous Zanzibar Doors  in our petite little streets. We will show you Henna Art and bring you to the fruit and vegetable market. So be ready for a walk through the long history of Zanzibar and its  numerous rulers. Apart from the 100’s of carved doors you can find in the narrow streets of  Stone Town, there are many more places you should visit to gain insight into the outstanding  material manifestation of cultural fusion and harmonization. Its 3 hours tour 

Dolphin Tour  

Kizimkazi is home to large numbers of bottle-nosed and spinner dolphins, beautiful coral  reefs and tropical fish. With this tour you’ll start early in the morning driving to Kizimkazi,  where your guide and crew take you out on your own boat so you can be as close as possible  to the dolphins experiencing them in their natural environment. Enjoy also the tropical,  crystal-clear, warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Its 2 to 3 hours tour 

Cheetah Rocks in Zanzibar  

A small but very nice local zoo on the Northern tip of Zanzibar island, a place where you can  directly interact with wild animal such as Lion, Cheetah, Bush babies and many other  animals, this place was founded on 2014 as a small rescue center for wild animals and has  grown ever since, this place will give you unforgettable experience. Its 2 to 4 hours tour 

Jozani Forest  

Jozani Forest is the only remaining natural forest in Zanzibar and therefore perfect for a  different kind of half day trip. The forest is home to a number of endemic species, including  the Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkey. You will spot the monkeys in abundance all around the  area; hence you just need a camera and sometimes a bit of patience. The park ranger will take  you on a natural trail, lined with eucalyptus and mahogany trees and explain the medicinal  properties of various plants. Its 3 hours tour

Spice Tour  

One of the most popular excursions on the island. Walk through the spice farm with your  guide and touch, smell and taste different spices and tropical fruits. Learn about their  properties, their origins and their use as medicines and in food and drink. It can be quite  surprising to see the range of different plants from which spices are obtained, and the  different methods by which they are extracted. Apart from that, this tour also gives you a  good insight into the local life of Swahili farmers. Its 2 to 3 hours tour 

PRISON ISLAND – quarantine hospital and giant turtles  

Prison Island is so called because of its first usage as a prison, which was built in 1893. But  in fact it was later used as a quarantine hospital and is nowadays the home of the giant  tortoises which were banned from the city of Stone Town. Enjoy a 30-minute boat ride with a  view of the Stone Town skyline, after arriving on Prison Island your guide will teach you the  history and introduce you to the giant tortoises. Its 2 to 3 hours tour 


Safari blue trip in Zanzibar is a full day sea adventure tour with lots of fascinating things  including swimming, snorkeling, sea foods testing and sailing on a traditional dhow. The  dhow departs from Fumba Beach at 9am, and generally we get back at around 3:30pm. Zanzibar Island is known for its beautiful sea and you simply cannot visit Zanzibar without  making sure to enjoy its seas. This Safari Blue Trip in Zanzibar will give you a great  possibility to do just that. This tour will give you full experience of Zanzibar sea life . It's full  day tour