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4 Bali Luxury Resorts All-Inclusive 2023 (With Prices): Part One

Bali has always been the most wanted destination to visit. It has no problem wooing even jaded travelers. The exotic and healthy foods, sandy shores, enormous waves, vibrant traditions, tranquil energy, and friendly people are the top reasons world travelers come to Bali repeatedly.

Flying to Bali takes a whole day to arrive. The travel to Bali is grand yes, but it can be exhausting! You’ll crave good sleep, good breakfasts, various stiff drinks, traditional Bali spa, and beachside to relax especially before you’re going to explore all the best excursions in Bali. Trust me, exploring this small island can take a week to experience all corners. These services won’t be that cheap if they aren’t all-inclusive. This blog will give you a list of cost-effective luxurious resorts with all-inclusive to minimize your spending!

Zen Resort Bali

Popularly known as The Island of Gods, Bali is a great place to take care of your mind, body, and soul well-being. Zen Resort Bali is your must-book resort to experience all-inclusive healthy meals, sustainable activities, meditations, yoga, a relaxing Bali spa, and sleep with mother nature. Zen Resort Bali is designed with greenery in every corner to relax your eyes from the burnout of busy cities.

Zen Resort Bali has a Zen Wellness program for wellness travelers to explore which includes Zen Ayurveda, Zen Amaris Spa, Zen Yoga, Zen Meditation, Zen Pranayama, Zen Immunity, Zen Cuisine, Zen Detoxification, Zen Harmony Diving, and Zen Free Diving. If you’re interested to get all-inclusive, book their retreats available for 3-21 days with the purpose to create a healthy lifestyle to maintain a healthy connection with mind, body, and soul.

Price: The prices are varied depending on which retreats you choose and how many nights you spend. It usually costs $900 for 4 days and 3 nights. Visit Zen Resort Bali to check out their retreats, all-inclusive included, and the price.

Club Med Bali

If you’re planning to stay in Nusa Dua (because of the beautiful beaches 😊), Club Med Bali should be your choice to stay the night. This is the perfect resort to stay close to “the soul” of Bali accompanied by natural greenery and crystal clear Nusa Dua beaches. Club Med Bali lets you experience outdoor adventures and take it all in nature, rejuvenate the worn-out body, savor authentic flavors, and appreciate artful moments on the Island of Gods.

Club Med Bali offers various types of retreats such as The Art of Renewal Retreat to rejuvenate the mind and body with beach activities packages, Illuminating Bali Retreat designed for those interested in learning Bali’s rich culture and history, and Nature’s Adventure Retreat for adventurous travelers uncover the bounty of Bali with water sports outings, meditative reprieves, and Bali authentic’s flavors.

Price: The set price per day can change depending on what time you decide to stay. You can stay and experience all luxurious services for up to $300 per night if you book a month or two weeks before your stay.

Fivelements Bali

Located in Badung Regency, Fivelements is an award-winning eco-conscious wellness retreat deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of Bali. The retreat brings peaceful energy by embracing Balinese Healing, enjoying Plant-based Cuisine, and treating your eyes to beautiful Bali Sacred Arts.

The resort is accompanied by all-inclusive offers starting with an interactive morning yoga class near the forest, eating plant-based breakfast in lush surroundings, and you are free to enjoy either holistic wellness activities or adventurous outings. There are many retreats you may choose when coming to Fivelements such as Signature Fivelements Retreat as a healing experience for regeneration, replenishment, and alignment, Holistic Purifying Retreat to nurture the love of your body, mind, and soul to create a reflection of harmony within, and The Executive Performance Retreat as a place for world travelers to experience and learn the tools unique challenges to executive lifestyle.

Price: You can choose the type of luxurious room for only $400-$500 per night with free breakfast. You may pay more to join the type of retreats you desire and create meaning for your wellness journey.

Padma Resort Ubud

Are you planning to explore Bali starting from Ubud? Lucky you! Padma Resort Ubud is the most-sought resort for travelers. Nestled with an unspoiled river valley and enchanting forests Payangan Padma Resort may be more expensive than the three other resorts above, but many world travelers say the price is worth it because the all-inclusive package features five-star amenities, stunning views from every room or suite, first-class spa, awe-inspiring swimming pool with panoramic views, and event venues.

Staying in Padma Resort enables you to explore south and central Bali with indoor and outdoor activities. You don’t have to worry anymore about looking best places to visit all over Bali because Padma Resort covers many adventure activities! This can cut your spending except when you’re going to beach clubs or bars.

Price: For a luxury resort, the price is quite affordable for a luxurious room starting from $250 to $450 for a suite room (normally the price for the suite is $800 but Padma Resort always offers a discount, so make sure to research and book two weeks in advance)

Now, you can plan your Bali trip and experience the all-inclusive package to cut the spending without cutting your luxury travel experience!

If you’re interested to transform your life with the natural and tranquil environment of Bali, you may consider Bali Elevate Retreat 2023 accompanied by our expert leaders sharing their experience and advice in holistic, fashion, and finances while staying true to who you are. Book now with only a $497 deposit to get all-inclusive excursions, masterclasses, and staying at a luxury resort and the seats are only 20 left!

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