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5 Seats Left for Dubai Generational Wealth Retreat 2022!

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Here are THE benefits you’ll enjoy as VIP Member!

1. Big Discount Retreat

Being a member of our Luxotic VIP Community will shower you with a big discount on any retreat places you always want to visit!

The amount of discount depends on which plan you choose and with this discount, you’ll get to enjoy your dream retreat without paying as much as normal people.

2. Free Exclusive Travel Goodies

In all plans of our membership, you’ll get our exclusive carry-on garment bag where you can put EVERYTHING you need for your long travel! Besides, when you go to one of our retreats, there’ll be more travel goodies coming.

3. Virtual Events Access

Our various speakers in different retreats and their backgrounds from different industries make it possible for us to create many virtual events.

By applying to one of our memberships of the Luxotic VIP Community, you’ll able to get access to those events where you’ll learn to generate more wealth, be professional in your industry, awareness of where you are to create goals for your better selves, doing projects in underrepresented countries, and many other things!

4. Free Travel for Group Retreat!

Who is one of you decided to plan a group travel this year or at the beginning of next year? Then this membership is the perfect plan you should join!

Once you register as one of our Luxotic VIP Community members, you’ll get FREE travel for every 10 rooms! You can use this to travel with your dear friends, on business trips, or even with family travel to a completely new place.

There are a lot more you’ll get to enjoy on our VIP Community membership, check out our Luxotic VIP Community to see the complete benefits for each plan available.

By joining The Luxotic VIP Community, you can book our Dubai Generational Wealth Retreat 2022 this December 16 - 23 with the discount you’ll enjoy and free luxury travel bundle items to make your retreat perfect!

Book our last 5 seats to Dubai Generational Wealth Retreat 2022 where you’ll enrich in a learning retreat and immerse yourself around the knowledge in paradise, while you’re given the tools you need to generate generational wealth through your businesses, professional careers, investments, and lives & legacies.

This retreat is for you who want to take full control of your financial futures and start living your BEST lives with no more financial worries while making money when you’re asleep!

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