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6 Essentials You Must Have in Your Travel Bag!

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Traveling soon? Well it’s time to pack your bags! This year is the best time to make your travel bucket list come true, and every great trip starts with great packing!

Packing wisely is important to do before going to your dream destination. We’ve all been there! We forget that important thing right on the nightstand, and it doesn’t hit us until we arrive at our destination. Then we have to buy that thing in another country, possibly in a different currency for 10 times more than what it is at home. It’s literally the worst!

We know! So here are 6 crucial things you must carry in your travels internationally!

International Travel Adaptor

Do you know that different countries require different types of plug-in outlet adaptors? The lack of preparation will definitely ruin our travel because we don’t have the right adaptors to charge our devices.

You won’t have to worry about this if you book an international hotel, but what if you’re traveling to sleep at Airbnb, or at a boutique hotel? So yes, this item is crucial for you to make your travel journey almost in perfect.

Check out International Travel Adaptor from Luxotic that has US/EU/AU/UK plugs and covers 160 countries!

A Door Jammer (Security Alert!)

This is another important item that you must have on your travel bag! A door jammer will secure your room especially if you travel alone.

We’ve seen so many TikTok videos about strangers following you to your hotel and it’ll be worse if you can’t speak the language! This door jammer is so affordable for a thing that could save your life.

This portable lock home security/door jammer will only cost you $14!

Passport/Card Wallet

Of course this is another important thing you must carry everywhere! Besides the function, having a wallet that goes with your style is important so you won’t forget where you put it plus it’ll match with your clothes.

If you’re not into wallet then you can just buy a card/passport holder to make it easy for you to bring anywhere you go!

If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant passport/card holder, check out Luxotic Passport Holder with a luggage tag to protect your luggage!

Travel Pillow/Blanket

Travel pillow that is designed with a combination of a blanket can save your travel journey while on a plane!

The pillow will protect your neck from an uncomfortable sleeping position while the blanket will cover you up without paying extra! This is perfect for a long flight so you can have a good quality of sleep before exploring the country.

With only $30, you can have this functional Travel Pillow-Blanket!

Portable Solar Power Bank!

Have you ever heard of portable charge solar power bank? Do you have it on your essential travel lists? If you only know this, then you need to check it out!

Sometimes it’s not practical to have a power bank that you need to charge overnight for tomorrow’s big day on your trip, so for you who always forget to charge that power bank then this power bank is for you. You just need to bring it under the sun while traveling and when your phone dies, you can just plug in and it will charge until full!

You can check Solar Power Bank to maximize your travel journey.

Reusable Water Bottle

How many of you prefer to buy mineral water when traveling abroad? Having a reusable water bottle is another crucial thing to pack on your travel bag.

This will not only help you to save money, but also prepare you in case the supermarket is far from your places to explore! It’s important to stay hydrated while enjoying the view around you. You can buy a stainless steel one if you’re a person who likes to make your own drink!

Check out Luxotic Water Bottle Stainless Steel that can hold both hot and cold water!

What are your favorite travel essentials that should always be on your travel bag? Let us know!

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