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7 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Baecation Destinations For Couples!

Updated: Feb 9

February is coming soon and that means Luxotic is celebrating all things Black and all things love! Valentine’s Day is in less than 3 weeks and vacations are one of the best gifts because the memories last forever. Imagine celebrating Valentine’s Day in paradise with your bae on the beach, getting to know each other in a different time zone and just having that one-on-one time away from your everyday norm.

For those who have found their love and are looking for destinations to create life-lasting memories with your other half, let’s get to 7 most romantic baecation destinations to visit in the world!

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Bali, Indonesia

Known as a paradise island to many types of travelers, especially romantic travelers, Bali offers many spots for beautiful beaches and exciting activities. With lots of budget-friendly spots, you’ll get boosted with luxury villas, immersive cultural experiences, food, sea adventures, and a plethora of Instagram romantic photos. It has everything you ever wanted to do with bae!

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Chefchaouen, Morocco

If you and your bae are mountain people, you may want to put this on your list. Chefchaouen is the blue pearl of Morocco. It may not be your conventional destination, but the entire city has many picturesque locations in Morocco even in Africa. The city rests on top of the mountain with a fantastic view and this is where you connect with Mother Nature with your bae.

The Maldives

As the most wanted destination to visit for couples, the Maldives is the everlasting destination that you’re never bored of. The natural beauty of the white-sand beaches and crystal water is guaranteed to take your breath away. You may do scuba diving and surfing as a fantastic outing to do with your bae. After a long day of activities, you and your bae can enjoy Maldivian massage for a long resting night.

(Instagram: @cappadociapanorama)

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is the most charming and magical little town in Turkey. You can create beautiful memories with bae from dawn to night. You can catch that magical sunrise picture in the morning with a hot air balloon and sunset at the top chimney while having a delicious dinner. Cappadocia will make you feel the vibes you see in Jasmine and Aladdin's love story 💕.

(Instagram: @eliamariee)

Fiji Islands

If you want to visit another paradise like Maldives, Fiji Islands is your perfect getaway for Valentine's vacation for couples. Everything is so serene and beautiful to capture those moments with bae. You can romantically spend time on the beach, sharing a deep couple convo, and close the day with a romantic candlelight dinner under the stars.

(Instagram: @ramitabains)

Santorini, Greece

This white-walled city gives a taste of tranquility to every traveler including couples. You and your other half can spend romantic times exploring the blue-roof buildings, tasting delicious Mediterranean foods in local restaurants, and sharing magical pictures in the gleaming Aegean Sea.

Porto Santo, Portugal

Another underrated island in Europe is Porto Santo as one of Europe's best-kept secrets. You and Bae is a place of paradise in the Atlantic Ocean where you'll get spoiled with crystal blue tropical sea. This is the perfect place if you want to spend time excluded from the crowd with golden sand talking about your future together.

Intertwining hands, walking together, exploring every part of cities or islands, and sharing mouthwatering foods while planning your future together are ways to show love and appreciation for your significant other.

Are you planning to celebrate Valentine's quadruple or quintuple couples with your group in paradise? Check our Luxury Travel Planning with a budget-friendly deposit of only $197 which is applied to your total trip! We’ll plan the best Valentine’s Day getaway for you and your love.

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