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Luxotic Beyonce Renaissance Retreat: Paris Pop-Up Retreat 5-star Experience Delivered

On May 25 - 28, Luxotic finished having our Paris Pop-Up Retreat, our first popup and leisure retreat, along with attending Beyonce Renaissance World Tour! It was a splendid experience and we want to thank all Luxotic guests (who are also our Luxotic family) to make the retreat successful with a positive vibe and luxury adventurous energy. This retreat became memorable not only because of the gleam of Beyonce's lifetime concert but we got to share a deeper connection in a luxury 5-star hotel.

If you haven't experienced purposeful and luxury travel experience with Luxotic Retreats, you don't know what you're missing out on! The Luxotic Paris Popup Retreat recap video is just a sneak peek of our itinerary and fun experiences. If you want to experience a Popup Retreat with Beyonce Renaissance World Tour, you can check out our Barcelona Popup Retreat! Here is what one of our guests said:

"Yall.... when I saw @luxotic_retreats was having a pop-up in Paris for the @beyonce concert baybee!!! I booked that day!!! And it was the absolute best decision!!! I really needed this trip. Not only for the musical enjoyment and inspiration but when I tell you I met some amazing women, ate amazing food, and stayed in a f*cking Palace... I'm so glad I treated myself!!! I will be vlogging about this experience and be prepared for your timeline to be flooded cuz baybee.. a time was had!!!!"

---Miss Fluid (@fluid_thatsme)

Here are the snapshots of our 3 most amazing days' itinerary in Paris Popup Retreat!

5-star experience at Waldorf Astoria Versailles

On the first day, Luxotic gave the guests 5-star accommodations at Waldorf Astoria Versailles: Trianon Palace. The hotel was located next to the Eiffel Tower and you could enjoy views of this iconic landmark from your room or terrace. It also had a spa that offers treatments like massages and facials. For those who love to shop, there were plenty of stores within walking distance from your hotel including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Louboutin!

During the stay in Paris, the guest got plenty of opportunities to explore all this fantastic city had to offer - we had put together an itinerary so they didn't miss any best spots to explore and experience! We had a meet and greet dinner to welcome all beloved guests while giving them our Luxotic Welcome Travel goodies. On one of our Instagram stories, we received fantastic feedback from our guests for the travel goodies were luxuriously well-prepared for their popup summer getaway. Look up our Luxotic Shop for your most trusted luxury travel goodies!

Eiffel-Louvre Tour & Photoshoot

Before pumping our energy watching The Queen, Beyonce, at her concert, we brought the guests to the sights and sounds of Paris in iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. We had a professional photographer who led us through an unforgettable photoshoot and what was memorable was the flying gown pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower that created such a colorful harmony between one guest to another.

We brought our guests to traverse the Louver Museum to get the experience of seeing the Mona Lisa and The Birth of Venus paintings. The museum also displays various exhibits from different periods such as Ancient Egypt and Greek & Roman Art. The Louvre tour was an incredible experience! It offered us a chance to step back in time with some amazing photo shoots at one of the most famous landmarks in the world. For art and history lovers, this section is a must visited as you got to surround yourself with the authentic architectural buildings around the Louver which were other great spots for photoshoots. We saw many couples and models capture their moments here so this is the spot for you who wanted to share your Paris traveling with your followers!

Beyonce Renaissance World Tour

The Queen, Beyonce, was holding her Paris Renaissance Tour at Stade de France where we got to dance, jump, and shout together at how phenomenal her performances were! This concert was fun, full of excitement, and a great surprise for us Beyonce fans as we got to see Blue Ivy (her daughter!) dance on stage together! Imagine the thrill from our fans to see their iconic dance moves, this was an experience to never forget.

It was a great experience for me to see Beyonce perform live, especially since she was the reason why we were holding this retreat The exhausting flight paid off for the chance of seeing Beyonce sing my favorite songs in her new album.

The Hidden Bar Adventure!

We experienced the authentic and famous hidden bar adventure in Paris. L'Epicier Hidden Bar-which is located behind a local mart- had given us the experience of tasting deserving nightlife in Paris. You looked it up on Google Maps and they'd direct you to a small shop and the guide directed you to the door where the hidden bar was located. Coming to the hidden bar felt like opening a secret door in Narnia, the difference was you will meet a great service of delicious mocktails, cocktails, and a few Parisian foods instead of the snowy Neverland!

Once inside, the guide gave us some history about each place before allowing us time to explore on our own while enjoying some classic French cocktails made with fresh ingredients from local farms (and maybe even chatting up someone famous!). Then we'd move on to another secret location...and another...and another!

Authentic Foods & Drinks!

Our Paris journey wouldn't feel complete without having a taste of Paris's authentic foods and drinks. We curated a Breakfast Bon Voyage at Le Limousin and boy we couldn't have enough of the seafood, bread, and everything that was served on our table. Our guests loved the experiences and with this, we had completed our gastronomy adventure at the heart of Paris! The most alluring taste came from the coffee that was served with such great detail both in the serving and the taste. We couldn't wait to come back to Paris and made another memory with such great humility from the staff in Le Limousin.

In addition to our signature dishes, you'd be able to enjoy some of your favorite foods from home during this retreat. Our chefs can also accommodate any special dietary needs that you may have during your stay with us at Luxotic Beyonce Renaissance Retreat: Paris Pop-Up Retreat with 5-star Experience

Overall, It's a fun, adventurous, and leisurely travel

Luxotic lets the guests embark on an all-inclusive luxury vacation like no other. We'd hand-selected the most exclusive experiences and activities, from 5-star Waldorf Astoria Versailles, Eiffel-Louver Tour and Photoshoot, Beyonce Renaissance Concert, Hidden Bar L'Epicier, and Bon Voyage Breakfast as the time for us to build a deeper connection. We treated our guests like long-gone best friends whom we hadn't met in a long time and shared unforgettable memories.

Masterclass and Inspirational Luxury Retreat

As the newest professionals and entrepreneurial luxury retreat company, Paris Popup Retreat is our first leisure popup getaway retreat and we're glad our guests enjoy what we serve during the retreat. If you're looking for luxury travel to exotic destinations around the world with all-inclusive amenities and transformational masterclasses from influential speakers in their industries, you may want to check our Barcelona Popup Retreat, Greece Out of The Office Retreat, Bali Elevate Retreat, and Ghana Celebration Retreat.

You'll get to choose which experiences suit your needs and the destinations you've been keeping on your travel list. Don't worry about the hassle, planning, and money. It'll be all planned and the money will get back to you in no time because we're having financial advisors and experts as our speakers!

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