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Meet Luxotic’s Newest Sponsor: Squadtrip, a Black-Owned Tech Company Making Group Travel Easier

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Have you heard about Squadtrip? If not, then you need to know this app to make your group travel easier, whether you are booking Luxotic Travel or your own!

Curated by two black tech experts, Darrien and Stevon, to enable all millennials, professional travel agents and companies, to scale up their businesses. This app allows the customers to save their money as well as save time planning group trips!

No-brainer group trip organizers and travelers alike

The motto to make everything easy and effortless allows your planning, payment plans, and booking to be so smooth that all you have to worry about is showing up and enjoying the fun.

The best thing about Squadtrip is you can plan everything in one streamline tool whether you plan a vacation for friends, family, a wedding abroad, and hosting a retreat whether as an individual or you’re a travel agent/company.

Secure and effortless payment

Sometimes booking your payment can be a tough session and can wait for more than 30 minutes or so. Now with Squadtrip, you only need a minute to have that receipt of payment on your email and you can go back to pack your favorite clothes/dresses!

Yes, fast payment will make it easier for millennials and travel organizers plus you don’t have to worry whether your payment is secure or not because Squadtrip has helped many individuals and travel businesses to plan their group retreats. They have a clean and trusted portfolio of clients who love their product!

Private beautiful site only in minutes

You know that it’s easier to have your own website when planning your group travel, right? Making a beautiful and IU friendly design for a custom website can take lots of time, it’s gonna be worse for you who are not an expert on it.

Squadtrip solves it all! You can make your own site consisting of what the trip is all about, add-on (fun excursions to do), payment plans information, and of course secure booking payment.

Squadtrip will make sure your group trip experiences to be stress-free of digital things like this and the only thing you need to worry about is to show up at your group retreat!

With Squadtrip as our new sponsor, Luxotic Luxury Travel Planning will elevate your group travel experience not only to be luxurious but getting easier in every aspect.

Get to know them here! Want to plan your luxury travel planning with Luxotic for your next group trip? Book us here.

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