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This Black Owned International Retreat Company Is Creating Transformative Travel Experiences

Back in June, Luxotic Retreats hosted an incredible retreat to Zanzibar, Tanzania in honour of Juneteenth. Luxotic Retreats is a black-owned international retreat company that focuses on creating luxury transformative travel experiences. By combining elements such as personal and professional elevation, and mental and spiritual enrichment into culture and adventure activities, guests can have unique travel experiences that will leave an impression on them for years to come.

The Juneteenth Back to Africa Retreat was designed to commemorate the end of slavery in the United States and provided the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, connect with the local culture, give back to the community. Informative Generational Wealth seminars were held by various special guests such as financial educator Wall Street Tapper, spiritual journalist Madison Jaye, and brand builder Tirzah Monee´. A virtual experience of the retreat’s seminars is currently available for only $197 and provides access to all of the guest speakers’ featured content (click here for more info).

Other highlights of the Juneteenth Back to Africa Retreat included a beautiful day of beachside horseback riding, an elegant all-black beach dinner, and rejuvenating morning yoga. Guests also spent a day at sea onboard a luxurious yacht, which also happened to be the location of where Wall Street Tapper held his seminar. This experience would have blown the minds of our ancestors, especially as many of them travelled the same seas as African slaves.

In addition, one evening a special Juneteenth ancestor ceremony was held beachside, in which all guests wore brown. Letters were written to our ancestors on dissolvable paper as we reflected on the past, gave thanks to the present, and set our intentions on positive manifestations for the future.

For the community outreach aspect of the retreat, Luxotic Retreats partnered with the CR Hope Foundation, a charity in Zanzibar that’s objective is to provide quality education to children and youth. Guests of the retreat were able to work with the organization to assist with building and painting a school that will provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for local children.

Luxotic Retreats also made a donation to a local orphanage while in Zanzibar. The Juneteenth Back to Africa Retreat was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will forever hold a special place in the hearts of those who attended. This retreat is just one example of the amazing and carefully curated opportunities that Luxotic Retreats provides guests.

To learn more about past and upcoming trips through Luxotic Retreats, follow us on our social media and join the Luxotic Community.

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