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Travel Tip Thursday: Family Travel To Strengthen Your Family Bond

Every family has its own ways of strengthening their bond of relationships, creating meaningful memories, and sharing stories to create the perfectly imperfect family they are. Traveling with your family is one way to get them all in one, revealing the beauty of countries you never know. It's your time to share the experience not only with yourself but also with the people you love.

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Family travel can be the cornerstone of a strong relationship between parents and children. It's important to have fun with your kids, but it's also important for them to learn about their culture and heritage. Here are some of the best places for family travel that will strengthen the bond with your loved ones:

South Africa

South Africa is a great place for family travel. It's diverse, with plenty of things to see and do--plus it's safe. You'll find lots of activities for families to enjoy together, such as visiting the Waterfront in Cape Town or getting up close with animals at the Kruger National Park.

South Africa also has an extensive history that spans over 200 years since colonization began in 1652 (and ended in 1994). There are many historical sites you can visit during your stay, including Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years before becoming president of South Africa.

New Zealand

If you're looking for a country that will strengthen the bond between you and your kids, look no further than New Zealand. This is one of the best countries for family travel. It has all the activities and sights to keep everyone happy--and it won't break your bank account in the process!

New Zealand is home to some of the most stunning natural beauty on Earth, so it's no wonder that tourists flock there every year. There are plenty of places to visit around this island nation: from Auckland and Wellington on the North Island; to Christchurch and Queenstown (both located on the South Island); as well as countless other smaller towns like Rotorua where families can experience authentic Maori culture while also enjoying some hot springs or hiking trails nearby.


Colombia is a country with a lot of culture, history, and beauty. There are many places to visit in Colombia and it's not expensive either! It's also a great place to visit with children. If you want to travel as a family, then Colombia is the perfect destination for you!


If you're looking for a destination that will strengthen the bond between your family, then Japan is the place to go. The country has so much to offer in terms of activities, food, and culture that it's hard not to have an amazing time while visiting.

The first thing I would recommend doing when planning your trip is finding out what kind of activities are available for kids at each location. For example, if they enjoy playing video games, arcades are everywhere in Japan! So if they want to spend their days playing video games instead of going on tours or visiting museums--that's fine! You can even join them if that's what makes everyone happy (and it might).

Another great thing about this country is its safety record; crime rates here are among some of lowest in any developed nation today because people generally aren't violent towards each other which means having young children around won't be as stressful as some places might be due specifically because there aren't many opportunities for danger lurking around every corner waiting patiently until something goes wrong before striking back with swift vengeance upon unsuspecting tourists who didn't know better than enter the unsafe territory without proper precautions taken beforehand...but anyway...


If you're looking for a country where you can travel with your family and feel safe, Australia is the place. The Australian government takes care of its citizens by offering a variety of services that make traveling to the country easy and enjoyable.

There are many things to do in Australia with children, including visiting parks and gardens, going on nature walks, swimming at beaches or lakes (depending on which part of Australia you visit), taking boat rides through rainforests--the list goes on! You can also take advantage of all the cultural activities available in each state: museums, festivals, sporting events...the options are endless!


China is a great country for family travel because of the variety of things to do. It has many ancient and beautiful cities, including Beijing and Shanghai. The food is diverse and delicious; you can try Chinese foods such as dumplings or noodles at any restaurant you go to! The people are friendly and welcoming; they will help you when you have questions about their culture or history. China has a rich history that goes back thousands of years ago, so there's always something new to learn about when visiting this wonderful country!


Italy is a great country for family travel. It's got history, culture, food, and wine - everything a family could want.

Italy has been around for thousands of years so there's plenty to explore from ancient Roman ruins to modern cities like Rome and Milan. The food is amazing: pasta with tomato sauce (pomodoro) or Bolognese sauce; pizza; gelato (ice cream) served in cones rather than cups! And then there's wine - lots of different kinds too depending on what part of Italy you're visiting!

You can visit the Amalfi Coast or take in some art at Florence's Uffizi Gallery before enjoying some local cuisine at one of its many restaurants where kids can eat free with each adult meal purchased.*

Family travel has a lot of benefits, you can strengthen the bond with your child if you pick a country suitable for their age and interests

While traveling with your family can be a great way to bond, it's also important to consider what kind of country would be most suitable for your child. Here are some examples of good countries for family travel:

  • France - The language barrier will be minimal, as most French people speak English and many even have a basic understanding of other languages such as Spanish and Italian. In addition, there are lots of museums and historical sites that you can visit together!

  • Italy - Similar benefits as France but with fewer tourists so crowds won't be an issue! It's also home to many famous landmarks like Venice (and its canal system), Rome's Colosseum, and Pompeii ruins outside Naples--plus there are plenty more things nearby if you want something different from these three cities after visiting them all in one trip!

Family travel is a great way to bring your family closer together. You can strengthen the bond with your child if you pick a country suitable for their age and interests.

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