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Thank you for your interest in speaking or nominating a speaker during one of the upcoming Luxotic Retreats.

Please be sure to complete all fields in the proposal form below. All speaker decisions are made by the Luxotic Retreat's Advisory Board.

*Note: If your proposal gets selected in the First Round we will send you an acceptance email. If it doesn’t get selected, it will carry over to the Second Round.

Luxotic Retreats aim for a balanced representation of speakers from leading entrepreneurs, influencers, and professionals in power, across a variety of industries. Towards that goal, we ask that companies submitting speaker proposals on behalf of their corporation make sure to submit executives who represent the diversity of their organization.

Each retreat will be industry focused, and speakers will be chosen based on how their expertise aligns with the corresponding subject matter.  

Upon approval into the program, there are three ways to become a Luxotic Speaker Ambassador:

  • Speakers are able to cover the costs of their retreat experience by securing a minimum amount of rooms (typically 5 -15 rooms)

  • Speakers are able to pay for their retreat

  • Companies are able to sponsor a leader from their organization to be a featured speaker for a retreat that aligns to their expertise. More information on sponsorship packages can be found here.


Select your Speaker Partnership
What is the speaker's previous speaking experience? (select all that apply)
What is the topic/subject the speaker most qualified to talk about?
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Thanks for submitting! A representative will contact you within 7 days of submission.

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