Zanzibar, Tanzania


We're excited to have you join us for the Luxotic Retreat to Tanzania! Please bookmark this site as it will be the Passenger Information page for everything you need to know for this experience. In order for our team to issue all airline tickets and airport transfers proceed with visa processing, please complete the Guest Information form below.


Our Zoom Meet & Greet will take place on you will be able to meet our speakers, guests and ask any final questions you may have before the trip! It will take place THURSDAY, JUNE 10, 2021 AT 7 PM. This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED MEETING. HERE IS THE LINK TO RSVP




 COVID‑19 testing requirements

Both foreigner and Indonesian passport holders entering Indonesia directly or transiting via other country must provide a printed medical certificate with a negative COVID‑19 PCR test, in which the sample taken must be a maximum 48 hours before departure. (No earlier Than 11 PM EST Friday, June 11, 2021 if you are on the Luxotic Group flight)



Travel Information

All flights must arrive to Zanzibar (ZNZ Airport) no later than June 15th, 2021. If you are flying with a flight package from JFK airport, you must arrive into New York City no later than June 13th, 2021 before 4 PM EST.  Please use the form below to add all of your travel information. 

Have more questions? Send us a message!


As mentioned on our website, Visas are NOT included and are required for U.S. citizens traveling to Tanzania. Passengers may apply for a visa online in advance of travel. Click here to complete the form needed to receive your visa. Visas are $100 paid directly online through the visa processing portal, and NOT to Luxotic.A passport valid for a minimum of six months beyond visa issuance and/or date of entry, and at least one blank visa page, is required.

Money Conversions

HERE is a currency converter that you can use to get an idea of how far your money will go in Tanzania. 



To give you an idea, the average person will spend: 

  • TZS1,032 on bottled water in Tanzania per day (public water is NOT recommended for consumption) 

  •  TZS30,555 on average per day is the average cost of food in Tanzania.

  • TZS78,831 on average per person, per day on Entertainment and activities in Tanzania

Luckily, you will be on an ALL INCLUSIVE RETREAT and won’t have to worry about anything besides Tips & your own separate purchases! 


Per our Terms and Conditions, Luxotic Retreats has your permission to charge the card on file for any incidentals or damages found, of which you will be notified, no later than 10 days after your reservation date.


We suggest downloading WhatsApp to connect with your friends & family while you are away to avoid incurring international charges on your phone. If they are on social media- Facebook calling and Instagram Video calls could work as an option for you as well!  We will also be using WhatApp for Emergency communications so please ensure you download it and are familiar with how to use it. HERE are directions on how to use WhatsApp. 

Packing List and What to Bring

Time and Date Converter

Add Dubai and Dar es Salaam to your World Clock on your phone

Dubai is 8 Hours ahead of EST

Tanzania Is 7 hours ahead of EST


We are volunteering and fundraising for CR Hope Foundation. We will be contributing on-site and through funds raised to help complete their 5 new classrooms being built. We are doing our Mission work with CR Hope foundation on  Friday, June 18th. We have a goal of $5000 to raise.  Please help us get closer to our goal by sharing our initiative with everyone you know!



Please ensure that you upload the following documents to your passenger portal on the Luxotic Retreats Website






Please complete this FORM as soon as possible to finalize your guest experience details. This form submission is mandatory. 





All guests Traveling with the Group Flight Package from JFK on Emirates MUST arrive at JFK Airport no later than 8 PM EST. Do not forget your passport, printed covid test, and positive energy!

Manage your Booking here -

Please make sure you log in with your Emirates flight information. There you will be able to select your seat, select your meal preferences, and make flight upgrades. We are suggesting our group sit around each other during the flight- if you're comfortable!

We are aiming to have our group sit in SECTIONS A THROUGH K, ROWS 52-66 We suggest that our group select a seat in the below section. 

Click here to upload your COVID Test by 6/13/2021
Click here to upload your Visa by 6/13/2021
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US Dollars





Tanzania Shillings





  • Group Photoshoots

    • Shades of Brown Juneteenth Ancestral Ceremony Shoot

    • Luxotic Swimsuit Shoot

    • White Attire for White Party

    • Black Swimwear for Boat Party

    • Black and Gold - Party Formal

  • Daily Yoga

    • Feel free to pack your own yoga mat

  • Additional Spending Cash for gifts, shops and food outside of our experience

  • Luxotic Water Bottle

  • International Adapter

  • Luxotic Portable charge

  • Luxotic Notebook for master classes

  • Bathing suits

  • Sunscreen

  • Your finest outfits and the color coordinated outfits for our planned activities

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Beach Towel

  • Ibuprofen

  • Allergy Meds

  • Mosquito repellent