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10 Amazon Travel Finds You Must Have For Your Next Trip

Updated: May 15, 2023

Preparation is a must when you travel, especially when going to an exotic paradise for a few days. It's lucky if you travel to a place where the conversion rate is cheaper so it'll be easy to buy stuff you need and forget to bring. But ... we want it to come in handy when traveling so we don't have to worry about buying things out so we can focus our energy on having fun, creating memories, and enjoying creating meaningful travel journeys.

So, here are 10 most needed Amazon travel finds that secure most of our journey traveling from one paradise to the other!

Cup Holder Caddy

This is the best invention for you who always hold your phone, coffee, boarding pass, and purse all at once when you're trying to scan or hand out your boarding check! Yes, we have our tiny bag to handle everything but sometimes it is too much in our hands especially if we have to wait in line. This situation is so uncomfortable and we've been in this situation MANY times, this Cup Holder is perfect to keep our hands free throughout the airport. This is a collapsable travel cup holder caddy that can attach to your suitcase handles and amazingly fit 2 cups to make your airport "business" hands-free! Cup Holder Caddy comes with a variation of design so choose which type that'll fit your style.

Sunglass Travel Organizer

Traveling to an exotic paradise won't let you free going out without sunglasses because it'll be hot and you do need to protect your eyes or simply just as accessories to look good in pictures! Personally, I love to bring two to three sunglasses to match my dresses or outfit, and bringing all of them can take up space in your suitcase or bags. With Sunglass Travel Organizer, you can bring all your sunglasses in different sizes available and fit up to 4,5, and 6 protected by a hard case and easily roll it up for ultimate protection when traveling. This organizer has a convenient loop so you can just hang it for easy access!

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

There are many jewelry organizers out there and we have been trying some of them and they work fine as we're packing, but it's a lot of work to actually put them neatly again after your-all days activity. Now, for you who bring different jewelry and are too lazy to organize them neatly again this Hanging Jewelry Organizer is perfect because you can put all your jewelry at once with 14 different-sized compartments. So when you're traveling and have done all the tiring and adrenaline-drilling activities, you can put your jewelry back without having to put neatly your necklaces and stud earrings in place. It's just a perfect invention for us lazy girls plus it doesn't take up much space in your suitcase!

Shoe Bags

Traveling to paradise with many different itineraries to try requires you to bring any shoes that will match your dress/outfit even just a walk to the beach. Let's face it, we don't want to have our dirty shoes stacking in our bags, and packing your shoes in these top-rated Shoe Bags helps you to separate your shoes from your belongings (especially if they're clean already!). These shoe bags come in a set of 4 and are waterproof! So you can take your shoe bags organized to the next level.

Travel Umbrella

One thing that we have to keep on our list is an umbrella. We never know the weather in the country we're visiting and buying one can take time especially when it's needed the most. Carrying a Small Travel Umbrella can prevent unwanted rainy days and being prepared is far better than a vacation without an umbrella, especially if you decide to shoot a pretty image to put on your social media. This travel umbrella is super lightweight and just small to pack in your bag that will work in a pinch. You can keep this for your daily wear and put it in your car just in case!

Portable Collapsable Water Heater

If your travel agenda requires you to stay in a cost-effective hotel/guest house, it's possible you won't get a water heater for your morning tea or coffee. And for some, enjoying your day is very crucial to start with warm drinks to get your mind and body ready. If this is you, then Portable Kettle is one of the best things you have to bring to your next travel destination. With this Portable Kettle, you can comfortably make your drinks first thing in the morning without going out of your room plus it saves you lots of money from buying warm drinks outside!

Liquid IV

A long flight or long drive travel can excess the hydration our body actually needs. This Liquid IV Electrolyte Drink Mix is another Amazon travel must-have to stay hydrated when you need extra hydration. It's important to stay hydrated when you're traveling to keep your health. Using Liquid IV can make you hydrate faster than water so you only need to pour one stick into your water and now you can take that long drive without worrying to look for the toilet when you need one! Feel the freedom with staying hydrated.

LED Travel Mirror

This LED Travel Mirror is a game-changer when it comes to getting ready when traveling especially one where you have to wake up in the morning to watch the sunrise in amazing spots with picturesque appearance ready! Sometimes, you can have your bathroom lamp not light enough to put your makeup on to be perfect and it could be a challenge to be ready so this LED travel mirror will save much of your time! This mirror is dimmable, lightweight, and about the size of an Ipad so you can get ready in a perfect light anywhere in your hotel room.

Make-Up Bag

This make-up bag is worth-buying because it'll keep your make-up and skincare products in one bag and save some space in your suitcase. Plus, this gorgeous make-up bag is under $10! This soft make-up bag can fill all the makeup products you use for your travel including your favorite eyeshadow palette. If you don't fill up the bag completely, the soft exterior will fit nicely in your suitcase around other items without taking up too much space like the hard case one.

3-1 Wireless Charger

This 3 in 1 wireless charger is another Amazon travel find you must have when you're traveling. Most of the time, the hotel we stay at only has one or two charging stations and we have to swap from charging one to another. With these Wireless Charges, you can charge your three devices in one place (your phone, AirPods, and Apple Watch). This is perfect for the traveler because it can fold up and fit in your pocket or purse. It can also be a stand to hold your phone while simultaneously charging your device!

With all these listed Amazon Travel Finds you must have, you can stay organized and enjoy your travel to the fullest without worrying about where you have to find your travel accessories or other valuable things! Have a safe trip and have fun!

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