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4 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Dubai

Dubai has become one of the TOP travel destinations worth visiting at least once in your life. When you truly experience Dubai you will discover why it is also quickly becoming one of the destinations that once you do go…you need to experience again and again.

We are guilty of this too,(with zero regrets also -thank you) , as Luxotic is headed to Dubai again this December for our Generational Wealth Retreat!

From the endless attractions, to being home to the tallest building in the World, the Burj Khalifa, to the awe-inspiring landscapes and once in a lifetime adventures, It is hard not to want to experience Dubai again and again.

Dubai truly has earned the title, “The Pearl of Middle East”, with its glistening landscapes, skyscrapers, architecture, beaches and rich endless sands, it remains one of those, “you NEED to go!” destinations.

While we can gush on and on about why we love Dubai so much we’ve narrowed it down to these 4 main reasons why you NEED to visit Dubai. Now, we can’t promise there won't be a part two…or more because you know…it’s Dubai! So, without further adue…

4 Reasons Why You NEED to put Dubai on your Travel Bucket List Now!

1. Jaw Dropping Sights & Shopping

Burj Khalifa, four of the tallest buildings in the world, will give you an undoubtedly beautiful view of Dubai. Imagine the evening breeze over you while enjoying a glass of champagne with dinner overlooking the Dubai skyline with friends and family! … uh YES! And If you're anything like us, the first question that comes to mind is…”What are we wearing!?” Pick something up for the trip or to bring home from one of the premier shopping destinations in the world.

The shopping, like everything else in Dubai, is luxurious and sublime, with The Dubai Mall being the biggest shopping center on the planet and that is only one of the places to shop here. Each year, they hold a month-long festival where you can win fabulous prizes from cars to get this…gold. You can find top fashion, endless entertainment and the best quality products in Dubai while exploring various foods coming from around the world

2. Diverse and Delicious Foods

As the center of civilization in the United Emirates Arab (UAE), Dubai is the melting pot for diverse cultures ,foods, and experiences in this region. You may feel like you’re visiting Thailand, Saigon, Vietnam, and India at the same time while visiting Dubai. The diversity of culture at the same time impacts the rich culture of foods. You can find Arab, Persian, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, French, Japanese, Chinese, British, Korean, and American foods both humble and of high-end.

3. Connect with History

For those who are historian buffs, you cannot miss Bastakia on your travel lists. Bastakia which also goes by the name Al-Fahidi is located in the eastern part of Bur Dubai. Known as Old Dubai. Here you’ll find the 19th-century atmosphere that will bring you back to the time of Persian civilization. If you go to Bastakia, you don’t want to miss Majilis Galery for its great collection of traditional Arab architecture and art exhibitions. Walking through this ambiance, you’ll find yourself getting back to those old times.

4. Adrenaline Pumping Activities

After You have experienced the luxury, history, diversity, culture, and mouth watering foods that Dubai has to offer, it’s time to feed your need for adventure with action packed activities.You can enjoy thrilling activities on the water like water skiing, scuba diving, surfing, canoeing, and kayaking along with exhilarating thrills in the desert with activities like sandboarding, sand surfing, dune bashing, camel riding, jeep safari, buggy riding, and last but not least, learn falconry from the experts. Dubai is truly made for a life changing experience.

Dubai as a destination, that is worth every single penny , because the experience you leave with is priceless everytime.Interested in exploring Dubai while immersing yourself in personal and professional growth sessions?

There is still time to join us in Dubai this December and discover this destination for yourself! Head over to our to learn more about our 2022 Generational Wealth retreat hosted in beautiful Dubai.

Check out our to travel and grow your personal brand at the same time.

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