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5 Reasons to Invest in Professional Enrichment in Paradise for 2020

Ventrure with Impact wrote an article on how retreats are becoming more and more popular as vacationers look to grow and develop themselves both personally and professionally. Based on their research and findings, here are 5 reasons why you should take a professional retreat to Bali in 2020.

1. Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind

As Seneca said, "Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind." The physical change in location can facilitate an internal change in perspective. This can be especially helpful when contemplating a career shift and is why career exploration retreats can be particularly beneficial."Bali has a reputation for being a perfect location for organizing a retreat.Bali provides all that a person of this modern world needs: a relaxing environment with modern comforts and convenience, with an incredible spiritual atmosphere." - Cekindo Business International Firm

2. Access World-Class Seminars while experiencing a vacation of a lifetime

The second reason to attend a Bali professional enrichment Retreat is the opportunity to learn from successful professionals and entrepreneurs. During the Luxotic Retreat to Bali, not only will you receive a luxury 7 day All-Inclusive Travel Experience, guests will enjoy exclusive access to world-class seminars. Meet our Featured Seminar Leaders, who are curated industry experts, and corporate leaders from all over the world, joining our retreat in an effort to propel participants forward in meeting their Corporate, Career, and Entrepreneurial and Life goals. Learn more about all of our seminar leaders and their respective world-class industry focus. Interested in being a seminar leader? Apply online to be a speaker today! 

3. Meet, Connect and Grow from  Leaders from around the world

The most important reason to attend a Bali Professional Enrichment Retreat is that you make AMAZING new connections in such a short amount of time. It offers us a chance not just to learn from the destination and its people, but from the other travelers one meets on the adventure. Getting out of the daily grind, forces us to be and connecting with more of the world. We invite leaders to attend and connect during a week filled with professional enrichment, local eats, bucket-list worth team-building excursions, encouraging that we all disconnect (or maybe work when no one’s looking) so that we can connect and grow together.

4. Companies can build employee moral and engage with new Customers/Clients

Based on a recent Glassdoor article, companies are increasingly investing more and more in retreats to grow employee connection and happiness. Luxotic Retreat corporate sponsors and partners have the opportunity to invest in their current employees professional enrichment and reach new clients/ customers, and top talent, From established Fortune 500 companies to growing start-ups, our corporate partners invest in Luxotic Retreats with the purpose of global networking, new market growth and even potential leadership recruitment. Learn more about becoming a corporate partner and reaping all of the benefits of investing in a professional enrichment retreat

5. Beat Post-Travel Depression with Your Bali Built Success Plan

Another benefit of an enrichment retreat is that you can come back from it teed up for success. Choose your retreat wisely and you'll get more than a pep talk and a few great Instagram posts from your vacation. Real actionable steps and plans are the result of well-designed professional enrichment retreats. Luxotic Retreats to Bali provides our guests with the tools to stay the course before, during and after the retreat, with our Ultimate Retreat Planner, available for digital download or as a hard-copy spiral notebook, along with follow-up surveys to measure the professional growth of our attendees and psychological impact of the retreat over the course of the year following the retreat. 📷

Luxotic Retreats is here to cater to your enrichment during our Bali 2020 professional development retreat. We’re here to offer you with the most diverse group of powerful leaders in the industry, who focus on your professional and entrepreneurial development. We ensure that our guests enjoy exclusive access to industry experts and corporate leaders to assist our guests in achieving their goals and and excel in every field. The luxurious and exotic environment of our retreat creates a space for inspiration, collaboration, reset and focus. Amazing, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website now -

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