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6 Must Visit Black-Owned Hotels and Resorts in the US (Part 1)

To celebrate Black History Month, we’re bringing you black-owned hotels and resorts you need to visit around the US.

These 6 hotels and resorts are a must visit if you plan to celebrate this Black History Month with a short or even long vacation around the states. Visiting these places are an action to support black-owned businesses especially for those who love to travel.

Here are 6 hotels and resorts in the US owned by African Americans that you must visit!

Oak Bluffs Inn

Located near the beach in Massachusetts, this inn owned by a lovely couple is your ticket to a memorable vacation with unforgettable local experiences. The 4-star hotel is awarded as Best of Boston by Boston Magazine. You’ll be served with luxurious amenities at affordable prices, vast spaces of parking, amazing downtown location, complimentary wifi, and what’s cool about it is you only need 5 minutes to go to the beach!

Oak Bluffs Inn will hit you like a home with the comfy beds and the warm interior. You wouldn’t be able to resist their fresh baked cookies and lemonade. The couple, Erik and Rhonda, will make you feel like a family!

Copper Door B&B

Created in the heart of Historical Overtown, Miami, Copper Door B&B believes in celebrating history with high-quality hospitality. What’s great about this B&B is they care for customers as their friends and family where you can look for their community to explore locally in the neighborhood! Listed on the website, you can visit places from art & culture, attractions, historical tours, beaches and water activities, dining & nightlife and to sports & entertainment!

Visiting Copper Door B&B is where you arrive as guests, leave as friends, and come back as family.

Nopsi Hotel

New Orleans may be the best state to visit in reminiscing the Black History Month since it’s the major hub of slave trade in the US. Lots of historical places to visit on tour, New Orleans offer Nopsi Hotel as the top 4-star hotel you need to book in. This hotel is not only credible with great reviews from customers but also the best deals and packages available. With many types of rooms, you’ll get to enjoy the 3 bars and lounges, a poolside bar, and fitness center to stay fit during your vacay!

The Ivy Hotel

Nothing beats The Ivy Hotel in the gorgeous, romantic, and welcoming interior that is not only luxurious but feels welcoming to come back many times. Ivy is the gem in a historic Mount Vernon mansion with a bastion of world-class hospitality. You’ll get to enjoy the hotel as it is your own home where you can sip that coffee in the garden or even choose your favorite book in the library! You’ll get to enjoy the clear and comfy beds, variety of rooms, charming public places, luxury spa, and of course a culinary in Magdalena, Maryland Bistro!

La Maison Midtown

Planning to take a short vacay in Texas? You should check La Maison Midtown! Curated in the heart of Houston, this luxurious B&B offers tranquility and privacy to vibrant dining, shopping, and nightlife. You won’t forget the taste of European flavor in every dish. The type of rooms to choose from twin, queen, and king guest rooms to a full-size suite with beautiful private veranda.

This is your perfect gateway for business travel, friends, family, and even honeymooners to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Hamilton Howell House

Having the full name as The Alexander Hamilton Jr. House, Hamilton Howell House was built in 1893 by Atlanta leading African American architect and builder. The iconic and historical elements in the house are packed with historical books ranging from culture, social, paintings, and even music (mostly jazz)! With the combination of classic and modern interior design, this is a good start to spend your vacay inside a historical B&B while recalling memories with family!

What are your favorite Black-Owned hotels and resorts you like to visit on your vacay? Let us know in the comments! We’ll put them down on our next part!

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