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7 Reasons Why Travel is one of the Best Forms of Therapy

There’s no doubt about it. Travel makes us feel good. From the exciting early stages of planning an itinerary to the moment you step off the plane and breath in the unfamiliar scent of a new destination- travel awakens something special inside of us. But have you ever considered that travel is a form of therapy?

Here are 7 reasons why travel is one of the best forms of therapy.

1. Travel sparks curiosity: When was this city built? How did this monument get here? Travel sparks curiosity and encourages us to ask questions about our surroundings. It makes us become students of the world and can lead to thought-provoking and insightful conversations.

2. Allows us to energize and reboot: A stressful job or demanding relationships can be difficult on a person, and sometimes you just need to get away. Travelling can provide a person with the break they need to energize, reboot and reflect on their life. In turn, once the vacation is over, a person can return home feeling refreshed and perhaps even with new insights on how to handle life’s pressing events.

3. It strengthens mental resilience: Sometimes, our travel plans don’t run as smoothly as we had planned. Cancelled flights, wrong directions and less than favorable accommodations- it can be frustrating at times. No matter how upset or disappointed we are, it’s important to look for a solution and move on. In situations like these, we can strengthen our mental resiliency and remind ourselves we are strong enough to get through anything.

4. Makes us step out of our comfort zone: It’s safe to say that most people have had an experience while travelling that has made them step out of their comfort zone. Whether it be trying a new food or even travelling solo, travel pushes us to face our fears and do things we likewise would have never considered before.

5. Provides a new perspective: It can be challenging to see past our cultural norms. When travelling, we begin to truly understand that it’s a big world out there, and just because others do things differently than, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Travelling allows us to gain a new perspective and be more accepting of those around us.

6. It’s liberating: Being in a new place where no one knows your name can be very liberating. You’re no longer held back by your past and can have a fresh start meeting new people.

7. Makes you appreciate home: It is often said the key to happiness is gratitude, and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to travel. Sometimes to appreciate what we do have, we need to be separate from it. When travelling, you begin to realize that home isn’t so bad after all, and the things you once took for granted, may become what you love about it the most.

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