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Become Luxotic Sponsor and Get These Benefits For Your Brand!

Are you a business owner, influencer, professionals or company who are travel lovers and want to invest in a trusted and high-end travel company?

Becoming a sponsor in a company you trust to create success in your journey will give you many benefits to reap. One of them is the high return on investment to your financial goals. Luxotic Retreats has curated retreats to many paradises and gained many sponsors starting from business partners to trusted travel corporate.

So, these are benefits you’ll get in becoming a Luxotic Sponsor to your brand and company!

Boost your brand visibility

Yes! Sponsoring is one of the top-notch marketing secrets to boost the visibility of your brand as well as raising brand awareness. The purpose of brand visibility is to generate presence in the mind of customers and increase customer loyalty.

With the stability of Luxotic on high-end marketplace, having your brand or company logo on every retreats we hold increases customer loyalty to our partners. Your brands/companies will also distribute throughout our social media contents to gain new leads. This is perfect for small business entrepreneurs to start gaining more followers and greater visibility to later caboose with bigger corporations!

Elevate business relationships and content strategy

Becoming a sponsor to Luxotic will help you to build connections with other brands/companies whether in travel or non-competing business. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to collaborate in the future!

Related with raising your brand/company awareness, sponsoring could widen your ideas and elevate your content strategy. You’ll get free content for videos and product distribution to every retreats we hold that can directly drive traffic from the retreats to your engagement. Isn’t it a good deal?

Free rooms for retreats you attend

Now this benefit is only available for corporate sponsorship. In applying as a corporate sponsor with Luxotic, each package will give you the benefit for some room occupancy with all-paid expenses during your stay to any retreat events you want to visit!

Foster positive reputation

Having your brands/companies all over the retreats around the world will not only reach a wider demographic, increase customer leads and loyalty, but also portray a positive reputation. It’s perfect for you travel business owners to invest in Luxotic to strengthen your identity in the market place and having travel lovers support your community! Not only that, we work with iHeartRadio and Pandora to promote your products or services you want to elevate.

Sponsoring with Luxotic can improve your brand awareness, customer experiences, positive brand identity, and increase new leads to your brands or companies!

It is time to start elevating your businesses around the globe! Learn more about the Luxotic Sponsor packages!

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