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Best Christmas Holiday Vacation Destinations Of All Time

It's time to bundle up in our coziest winter attire as Christmas draws near! In this sacred yet fun time of the year, you'll be busy preparing generous gift-giving, hearty paycheck to family, and dinners. Those activities will take your time, but everyone has their own Christmas definition, right? It's not wrong to plan your time to compile a list of snowy adventures after Christmas as the reward from 2023!

Get ready to bring your holiday spirit. Here are the six best destinations for your Winter Wonderland!


Iceland city for Christmas holiday
Iceland city

Iceland has always been a traveler's favorite Christmas holiday destination! From famous aurora sightseeing to endless Christmas festives on the road, Iceland will make your Christmas memorable. Iceland captures you from the mesmerizing snow, a festive season pulsate with lively Christmas markets, and Christmas food parties!

After a long day strolling through the busy city street, you can enjoy a geothermal adventure at Blue Lagoon. Take a dip and feel the relaxation wash away the tight muscles all over your body. Besides geothermal relaxation, enjoy your self-drive to experience the northern lights or trek near the Snaefellsjokull glaciers.

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Finnish Lapland

Christmas city in Lapland for children and family
Finnish Lapland

If you're looking for an adventurous holiday season with wintry activities, Lapland in Finland is the perfect destination. You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, reindeer rides, and many other activities to create the Christmas vacation of the year!

When visiting with kids, Santa Village is the best destination for kids to have fun with Santa Claus and Mother Claus! They'll decorate gingerbread cookies and gifts, and visit Elf school to learn Finnish words. Your kids will learn words like "Hyvaa Joulua" (Happy Christmas) and many other Christmas-related words. Here, your kids will have the most fun Christmas experience they have had their whole lives!

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo night lamp trees for Christmas holiday
Tokyo Christmas

The Christmas getaway with cultural and adventure twist in Tokyo could never go wrong! During the first week of Christmas, they out beautiful neon lights and decorations to create vibrant Christmas vibes. You can stroll with your friends or family while looking for authentic food stalls through the street. You can start looking for kawaii (cute) Christmas Japanese handmade gifts and after that nearby coffee shops.

The good news is during December, you will never feel lonely since Tokyo will turn into a city that never sleeps. There will be many festivals held where you can surround yourself with the traditional Christmas celebration in Japan. Those festivals are Hagoita Ichi Fair, Akiha Fire Festival, the Chicibu Yomatsuri Festival, and Ako Gishi Sai. It’s the perfect time to blend in with Japanese culture adventure in Christmas vibes!

The Christmas adventure in Japan is the opportunity to turn your Japanese fairy tale into reality.

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New York City, USA

New York City imaginary for Christmas holiday
New York

Spending your Christmas in New York feels as phenomenal as in Paris, Germany, and other European countries. Do you know it's not a secret that your Christmas in New York is best spent with a partner? New York can turn the white snow into romantic vibes. You can spend the holiday with ice-skating under the Rockefeller Center tree.

Other famous destinations to explore are the vintage vibe of Jane's Carousel to take beautiful pictures and Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is your go-to when strolling hand-in-hand while taking memorable pictures with your significant other. What's great about New York is that there are many destinations for Christmas dates to serve you romantic dinner dates. The authentic and traditional Christmas foods are curated elegantly with the taste straight from the grandmother's hands.

You’ll get a movie-grade romance story experience to memorize your best Christmas getaway with your significant other!

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Switzerland in St. Moritz for Christmas and winter holiday
St. Moritz, Switzerland

Who could pass spending a night in traditional Spa Sauna at Alpine Ski Resort? You'll spend most of your Christmas holiday from ice skating to snowshoe hiking on the Bernina Pass. If you are in dire need of a slow-paced Christmas holiday then wrap up warm for a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride or tap into centuries-old spa traditions – the Kulm Hotel has a heated open-air pool.

You can spend your morning sightseeing from Alpine for the panoramic mountain with a perfect sunset as the companion. You can capture beautiful yet mesmerizing pictures to store Christmas memories. In the evening, you can brew some hot chocolate to enjoy with your family while reminiscing about good memories!

Whistler, Canada

Christmas resort in Whistler, Canada for family or group
Whistler Resort

Planning to add your Winter bucket list to North America's favorite ski resort? Whistler is where you'll turn your imagination of White Christmas and the perfect for a family or group getaway! Everything you want in your holiday activities, from ice skating to snowmobiling with kids, is available here.

Chalets are plentiful around Whistler Village with large and luxurious designs. You will witness the beauty of Blackcomb Peak and enjoy white botanical gardens from the patio. The palm trees will surround you with beautiful thick layers of snow as your Christmas decorations. You'll never miss out on the serene vibes of Christmas except in Whistler!

Christmas identic with cuddling up at home with family while eating dinner. There's nothing wrong with planning your Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations at those six destinations above. From watching northern lights in Iceland to walking in twinkling lights in Tokyo, you deserve to take the gift of a lifetime.

This holiday is where children will remember the most. Putting your effort into creating new experiences abroad can help you to make your children's dreams come true. The time spent with winter sports, meeting Santa, and filling your hotel rooms with laughter are the things they will never forget.

It's time to create new adventures for the Christmas holiday.

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