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Get To Know Our Speaker: Kemoy Martin, The Six-Figure Entrepreneur Who Rises From Nothing

Kemoy Martin is an author, social entrepreneur, world avid traveler, speaker, and coach. He is also a global influencer who creates content about travel, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship that will help you to not only imagine traveling to those places but starting to get into the action!

His love to travel and a knowing “why” to be an entrepreneur have made him put his faith to become where he is now. His excellent knowledge in building various businesses and reaching financial goals has been shared on his courses for people who want to live financially independent.

Before we dive in, you have the opportunity to learn his story of becoming a six-figure entrepreneur LIVE in our IG @Luxotic_Retreats with Kemoy Martin TODAY at 4 PM EST!

Starting off with only $10,000 in his bank account!

His story of success starts from a frustration growing from his previous work in social service that only paid him $20,000 per year. The frustration of paying off his student debt and his everyday expenses lead him to Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles that teaches him crucial things as simple as changing his mindset about success and wealth.

Kemoy mentioned on 99 Hustle Podcast that the book really changed his life and gave him ways to setting goals, living his dreams, being intentional with his life, and how to design it if you’re not fulfilled with where you currently are. With the guidance and bold faith to change his life, he decided to resign from his job and start diligently diving into entrepreneurship!

Binge-watch the wholesaling real estate until 5 AM

The curiosity and desperation to make more money without having a lot is what drives him to self-taught those wholesale real estate things that he got from one of his good friends' recommendations.

The life-changing book, the opportunity to start his entrepreneurship journey, Kemoy didn’t really waste his time anymore to start learning about the whole thing of marketing and looking for deals! His awareness of sacrificing lots of things in his life to get the life he always wanted is finally paid off when he got his first $40,000 only in 30 days with his Airbnb wholesale without owning properties!

His change begins with inspirational books!

Growing up forced to read a bunch of school books that he doesn’t like and seeing the necessity of it makes him hate reading until The Success Principles comes, changing his perception of reading could be such an enjoyable yet favorable time-passing activity!

The Success Principles has opened his eyes that he has a hunger to feed with more motivational, self-help, and transformational books to challenge him giving himself the best and share it to others who want to strive in life!

Now …

Kemoy Martin is no stranger to travel, lifestyle, and wholesale real estate fields! As an impactful coach and speaker in changing people’s lives both personally and professionally, Kemoy Martin has built many businesses and helped people to achieve their dreams!

Want to meet Kemoy in person and learn about the ways he does to build and grow your own travel business? Check our Travel Entrepreneur Dubai Retreat 2023 and network with him!

Interested to learn more about Kemoy and his courses? Click here!


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