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Three Reasons why Dubai is THE Destination to Elevate Your Personal and Professional Growth

December is quickly approaching and only two months remain in 2022. With the new year on the horizon, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your resolutions for 2023 for both your personal and professional journey. Whether you are looking to grow your professional skills, broaden your professional network or simply add more luxe experiences in your life, attending a retreat hosted by Luxotic is the perfect opportunity to relax, reset and envision the highest version of yourself in paradise. This December, Luxotic has curated a luxury travel experience, in one of the most lavish places in the world!

Luxotic Retreats presents the Generational Wealth Retreat in Dubai, UAE. This December, We are headed to the luxury sands of Dubai to bring our guests an incredibly enriching retreat experience that will leave lasting impressions on our community, and their lives. Our guests not only will enjoy seeing the sights and indulging in this luxury country, but they will also leave with new tools, knowledge,resources and skills to see meaningful growth in their lives.

So why Dubai?

Besides being one of our CEO’s favorite destinations, there are so many reasons why we choose Dubai to host Luxotic’s Generational Wealth Retreat. Here are 3 reasons why you need to book your tip and join Luxotic this December for our Generational Wealth Retreat.

1.Top Luxury Tourist Destination

Dubai is known for its luxurious, wealthy, and prosperous city. It transformed into a global business hub and luxury tourist destination with the knowledge to generate revenue in various ways. Different from the neighboring countries that rely upon their economy on oil, Dubai raises its economic base on finance, trade, transportation, tourism, oil, and technology.

Its popularity as a business hub and wealthy country makes Dubai the perfect destination for you to immerse in luxury travel while learning ways to generate wealth and grow your personal brand from influential and powerful speakers. Hence, the solid appeal of luxurious travel destinations will make you want to learn to grow your business and professionalism while humbling yourself throughout the process of your journey.

2.Top CEO destination

Great minds think alike and many CEOs and successful entrepreneurs will tell you how important Dubai as a destination has become to global commerce. Dubai is an incredible location for like minded people to come together, share in knowledge and enjoy the spoils of success. Our retreats are equally personal and professional and our Luxotic Masterclasses offer the perfect platform to learn from like minded forward thinkers while enjoying this once in a lifetime vacation.

These masterclasses help our guests to strategize and plan how to acquire generational wealth in their professional lives as well as in the lives of their personal brands. Both our live and virtual conferences offer the opportunity for our guests to have a travel experience that will create a memorable retreat leaving a long-lasting impact on your life.

Head over to to see the esteemed speakers selected for our 2022 Generational Wealth Masterclasses in Dubai. We curate these purposeful and powerful masterclasses because Luxotic Retreats remains committed to the continued success and wellness in the lives of our guests. These speakers will have an opportunity to share their stories ,experiences, passion and purpose with Luxotic guests in Dubai all while imparting valuable skills and knowledge in a destination designed for success.

3.Top Adventure and Excursion Destination

This journey will not only treat you to an immersive and educationally expanding journey but will also be life-transformable! Our guests will get the chance to see luxurious sights, experience thrilling excursions as well as discover local fine dining at the Burj Khalifa. All 7 days during our guests stay in Dubai will be beautifully captured by our professional photographers,so you don’t have to worry about producing content on your feeds. We’ll invite you to enjoy activities like zip lining, jet skiing, desert camel and ATV riding, scuba diving, and skydiving, and go to beautiful places like Dubai Glow Garden, Dubai Miracle Garden, and Dubai Global Village.

On the last day of our retreat, it isnt a true Luoti celebrate a farewell party on the yacht where you can catch up and build a network with professionals and entrepreneurs from different industries!

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