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The Benefits of Learning on Vacation

People think of vacationing as a time of relaxation and unwinding from their stressful lives, but there is a vast amount of information, resources and diversity at our disposal when we visit different destinations and the wealth of knowledge you can receive while on vacation will make the vacation that much more enjoyable. With Luxotic Retreats, we want to bring you the relaxation of the vacation experience, combined with for both business and personal growth and development.

New region, new culture, new experiences!

If you plan to visit a location that you have never visited before, you have a unique opportunity to find out new and exciting things about that area. Researching the area, you plan to visit will not only educate you on the region but will aide you in finding exciting and new attractions to visit and explore during your travels. Information can be found via the internet or simply by checking out a book in your local library. There is so much rich culture to be explored in each area and so much more for us to uncover besides the regular tourist attractions. This year, Luxotic Retreats is taking you to the exotic international destination spot in Dubai. Along with the amazing views and vast culture that you will be exposed to, we want to offer immersive, out of this world masterclasses, as well as seminars that range from multiple industries. Guest will receive valuable resources aimed at providing knowledge, as well as the tools and support to enable them to scale their personal, as well as business finances and create wealth that will last through the generations.

We will have on hand industry experts in the area of Crypto Currency, Wealth Management, Stocks/Investments, Real Estate, Trusts, Tax, Insurance and so much more.

You are at your destination, now what?

While on vacation, many people use the time to relax and unwind from their everyday mundane tasks. With this rest and relaxation comes the ability to do things you wouldn’t normally get to do and many times we are able to indulge in hobbies and past times that are near and dear to our hearts. It’s a proven fact that working long shifts and 6-7 workday weeks makes you less productive. Vacationing enables us to relax and catch up on much needed sleep. Lack of sleep is known to affect cognitive processes, our ability to make sound decisions and our ability to stay focused.

When we step out of our mundane day to day routine, we can explore new ideas and concepts and no longer be stifled in our desire of exploration. When visiting vacation spots, travelers can benefit from learning another language, as well as the culture of other individuals outside of their normal crowd. This will help them see people differently and possibly help with communication barriers further down the line.

Luxotic Retreats is offering you 7 days, 6 nights stay at an amazing 5-Star Luxury Dubai Resort in Anantara, Dubai. This destination is located amongst the immaculate beaches of the Dubai Palm Island. You package will offer you luxe amenities that are all-inclusive, along with your accommodations. You will also be able to take part in the immersive enrichment masterclasses, bucket-list excursions, (because let’s face it, making it to Dubai is only the beginning of the items we are checking off our bucket lists), welcome box with Luxotic travel goodies and Luxotic Retreats travel bags for all of our VIP guests.

Choose to make every part of your vacation, a learning experience!

Who said you must be in a classroom to learn? Learning happens all around you every day. You can learn so much on vacation though. Many times, during travel, we encounter many different people from different cultures, and we can journal about their dress style, accents, the list goes on.

With the Luxotic Retreat, we not only want you to learn about the Dubai region, we want you to learn tips and trips from our industry experts in various fields that you can carry with you and pass down from generation to generation. Learn more and book your trip now to join our Dubai Retreat.

There are so many ways that we can learn while on vacation and it is never a bad idea to add information to our ever-expanding repertoire. Just make it fun and relevant to the creative in you, and those taking the trip with you, and you will create memories and learn valuable information to last a lifetime and with this exciting opportunity from Luxotic Retreats, you can create those memories in the exotic country of Dubai, or in a country of your choice. Learn More about how we can build a retreat specifically for your team.

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