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The Grand Ghana Retreat: A Never-Ending Exploration (How it has changed our life)

I’m not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me”

Kwame Nkrumah

Since 2018, Ghana has ranked the fourth most visited country in Africa. What makes Ghana different from other African countries is the abundance of natural wonders to explore, fresh and delicious local foods for gastronomy travel, never-ending historical and cultural landmarks for Black Heritage, and local foundations you can participate to impact.

Here’s our itinerary and how Ghana changes each of our lives with love, memories, and fun adventures during our Ghana trip!

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Black Star Gate & Afro Future Fest

Traveling to Ghana without visiting Black Star Gate is like missing one crucial puzzle for a complete bliss of Ghana’s experience. Famously known as the Independence Square, we’re guided by an experienced guide who tells us a complete story of how Ghana gained independence from the British Colony. The historical exploration is completed with the group lead to the National Museum of Ghana where we learn not only the Ghana Independence Day but also the rich culture of how Ghanaians have lived and survived since the colonization.

Before ending our day with sleep relaxation, we spent the evening on the first night of Afro Future Fest with wild Afrobeat dancing, never-ending cocktails, premium local foods, and eye-opening cultured Ghanaian fashion (we used authentic Ghanaian fashion to match everyone in the group!). Afro Future Fest is known to turn your night from exhaustion to a complete memory you can never forget throughout your 2023 travel journey!

Jamestown School Donation

Our first intention for traveling to Ghana was to donate to children and youth organizations as part of our Luxotic Cares mission. We spent the second day visiting Jamestown Gkbekebii School where we donated school supplies from books, pens, pencils, pen color, and even school bags. Our group participated in teaching the kids basic English words, coloring, and even did mural painting on the school divider for each grade.

We’re fascinated by the laughter, enthusiasm, and willingness of each child to study even when they are limited by the supplies! Here are photo bombs of our experiences with the kids, travelers, and teachers in spending the day with children!

This school needs land to expand so more children can go to school as we noticed most children actively help their parents to make money. If you’re interested in joining us for next year’s Ghana exploration and want to help those children, check out our Ghana 2025 Retreat and Luxotic Cares to donate or participate directly with your foundation or organization!

Assin Manso Slave Market & Cape Coast Castle

On our favorite day, Assin Manso Slave Market had awoken an emotional pit on imaginative memories of how the slaves from all over the continent received their last bath before being shipped to America and other Western Caribbean countries. The guide had us experience “the first bath of the return” and we weren’t prepared for this emotional experience of bath in the same place where our ancestors began their hurtful journey yet liberating after coming back home. We nominated this as a must-experience for every person of African descent!

The walk to Cape Coast Castle after that mourning last bath fills with our guide voices reminding us how Cape Coast is the destination of the “door of no return” as it’s our ancestors' last time to step their feet in Africa and history lost forever. The liberating feeling was there when we walked to the other side of the door known as “the door of the return” where the spirits of our ancestors came back as FREE people!

Throughout the journey, our hearts never stop sending prayers for our ancestors to finally let go of all the hurts endured and finally see the descendants feel freedom.

Memorable New Year’s Eve with the group!

After having our emotions in all places, our agenda is created to experience Ghana to the fullest without missing the single beat of the best places!

As a nature and water people, spending your New Year’s Eve in Ghana’s Botanical Garden is just the perfect place to visit. You can imagine connecting your soul with the richness of natural wonders from the tall trees, and beautiful types of butterflies, enhancing the sweet smell of flowers, and our favorite is the Asenema Waterfalls!

The feeling of washing away our tight muscles and connecting with each person in the group with this spiritual experience of New Year’s Eve before we begin to take beautiful pictures!

Spending a New Year’s Eve without relaxing on a beach while still in Accra is such a waste. We experienced the New Year Celebration in one of the most beautiful Beach Clubs in Accra--Alora Beach Club! We highly recommend this to everyone who wants to visit Ghana this 2024. It is a super luxe interior design surrounded by the perfect vibe to elevate your New Year’s Eve!

Ghana offers a one-of-a-kind travel experience ...

Our trip to Ghana offered nothing but an unforgettable experience with its natural wonders, rich cultures, many life-changing historical landmarks, and a liberating impact on children and youth who need our help!

Join our Ghana 2025 Retreat if you want to experience this life-changing experience with one-of-a-kind group travelers! Book with only a $197 deposit or Pay in Full for only $2,000 and you know that it’s a family-friendly travel so you are most welcome to bring each of your family members!

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