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Vivid The Jetsetter: Gen Z Veteran Teaches You To Be Your Best Selves

The quote of “age doesn’t matter, open mind does” is the perfect one to describe Vivid The Jetsetter success journey in life.

At the age of 18, Vivid knew what she wanted and what to do to get there. Her beautiful personality to put faith in God and dedication in her hard work is paid off to where she’s standing right now.

Travel opens her mind to be financially free

The love of travel brings her many new experiences and has changed her mind to be financially free. She sees the opportunity to grow her professional journey in the thing she loves and the one that makes her soul always on fire.

Becoming a travel consultant and helping people to do budgeting to fulfill their travel dream lists are reasons for Vivid to wake up with purpose every morning. As a 25 years old, Vivid is actively looking for magical places to explore while offering people ways to be financially free and make their dreams come true on her YouTube channel!

Travel gets her closer to her spiritual journey

She believes that she can be where she is right now merely because God’s love shows the purpose she should carry in her journey. Traveling to different places while witnessing the beauty of nature is strengthening her spiritual journey to put her life in God and realizing that she’s never alone.

You may follow up her journey, both professionally and personally, on her Instagram account @vividthejetsetter. In her account, not only will you be freely given educational tips to do budgeting for your next trip, but also various travel business ideas to help you be financially free.

Travel knows no limitation …

Travel should be doable for everyone whatever their background is. That’s what motivates Vivid to help those people regardless of their financial situation because for her, travel knows no limitation nor certain stereotypes. In all her social channels, she earnestly encourages people to have a successful story on their travel journey. She wants people to have a taste of the freedom that’s as close as stepping away from the limitations.

Travel makes you learn more about yourself

For Vivid, the best way to learn about a place and a community is to immerse yourself in the culture and not to just off hearsay. Going to lots of solo traveling around the world has enabled her to see the beauty in each place and the connection she shares with the locals. Vivid puts her trust on traveling that will let you explore the deepest part of yourself that you have no idea about in the first place. This is her other force to continue spreading her services so people become more comfortable with traveling or even travel businesses!

For 6 years, Vivid has been helping lots of people to achieve their travel dreams list as well as offering ways to be financially free through travel business. If you’re interested to know more about her, check out her YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and her travel entrepreneur journey!

If you want to learn about travel business, growing your brand, or even budgeting for your travel lists this year, join her at Travel Entrepreneur Retreat in Dubai this April! Book with her for the discount!

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