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Want to start planning the group vacation of your dreams for only $97?!

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

In dire need of a getaway? But not just any getaway…a core memory inducing luxury escape for you and your girls, your group, your office or network? The colder months and holidays are quickly approaching, from Christmas to New Years so now is the perfect time to grab your group and get away!

Luxotic Retreats Group Travel Experiences were made to help make dreams like this a reality and to get started it only takes $97! Want to learn how?We know…keep reading!

Imagine the incredible moments and memories that you can create together,while in the bucket list destination of your choice.

So What do you get with a $97 deposit?

1. A Custom Website

Before you and your guests arrive at your destination, you’ll need a way to share information and communicate leading up to your trip. Our Luxotic level designers will create a beautiful website for your group to capture and share important information and set the tone for your group getaway. From activities to excursions & events all of your necessary information will be compiled in a way that will wow your guests from day one.

2. All-Inclusive pricing models

With your $97 per person deposit, you can get access to our exclusive services & amenities from departure to arrival. Luxotic takes care of all of the details while giving you the freedom to book your own plane ticket if you'd like so you are comfortable during your trip.

3. Customized travel options within 72 hours of an initial planning meeting

Luxotic Retreats will give you two days to plan how you want your group to travel. Gather your group and choose the trip itinerary of your dreams.From experiences to excursions, you decide & we’ll handle the rest.

4. Secure Payment Processing and Payment Plan Options for your group

You can trust in our experience in the travel and retreat industry as professionals. We pride ourselves in ensuring transactions are secure and our pricing is clear. We want you and your group to enjoy every aspect of your trip , so we’ll make it clear from the first step you decide to use our service.

5. 60-minute weekly or bi-weekly planning meetings leading up to your group departure date

Planning to bring 20 and more people? This 60-minute weekly or bi-weekly meeting to plan your group travel is perfect for you. You’ll get the freedom to explore the planning with all your group without leaving anyone behind and later coming to the country you visit with preparation. Preparation is the key to having everyone enjoy activities and equally sharing the moments.

6. Pre-travel Information Session(s) for your group

Pre-travel session(s) is needed to be held to avoid confusion before you fly to your destination. This is the chance you finalize everything with your group so your experience can be seamless.

For us, the travel “experience” begins at “booked” and our guests can expect the best from Luxotic from beginning to end.

Head over to to learn more about Luxotic Retreats and our Group Travel Packages!

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