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Why You Should Visit Greece This Summer 2023!

Why travel to Greece?

Greece is famous for its crystal blue oceans to the famous destinations such as Santorini and Mykonos. You’ve worked hard, it’s time to vacay hard! You deserve a five-start experience in Greece! Greece is a famous destination for family trips, honeymoons, and friends group vacations. Your summer trip to Greece may need more preparations and budget but it'll be worth it for Greece has many to offer and places to explore that are unheard of by many tourists! I fall in love with the foods, the history, and the people, and simply admire the beauty of nature to neverending exploration from one island to another.

Everything just seems a little bit better in Greece and even the not-so-good experience are actually not that really bad compared to when traveling to other countries. Greece has humbled us to enjoy slow living and in the same way strengthen us to keep moving forward and experience life to the fullest. You’re going to explore deeper points as to why Greece should be on your next travel bucket list this year!

Hopefully, you’ll make up your mind over the next 4 minutes and book that flight!

The beauty of each island ...

The Greek Island is always been the top reason why you should visit Greece! This is the top reason why many go here for a vacation, wedding photoshoot, and family trip. We agree that The Greek Island is the most exotic island you could find in Europe with its white sandy beaches and turquoise water. I love how the water sparkle under the sun every morning and afternoon, plus you’ll spend your evening enjoying the magical sunset. Isn’t that a great experience to be grateful for your days?

My top reason why The Greek Island is famous and why you should visit is because … it’s easy to go island hopping. We use the ferry to explore the islands and boy it makes me want to visit there every time! You can do island hopping from Santorini, Crete, Athens, Mykonos, and don’t forget Skopelos as it is one of the greenest islands in Greece. I bet you’ll fall in love with it the second you arrive! Here is the sneak-peak of Skopelos

The delicious foods ...

I personally am a foodie and food is the second reason why I would visit the country again. Many foodie travelers rarely get disappointed with mouth-watering Greek foods since it is a mixture of different dishes. I love the freshness of each food they serve from fresh seafood from the sea, beautiful ripe olive trees, feta cheese, yogurt, lamb, eggplant, tomatoes, pomegranate, and many more! It feels like you eat them right from the trees that obviously you'll see growing around you.

My go-to food in Greece is Baklava (a classic Greek dish you can make at home), Greek Beef Stew (my favorite is Stifado style, you can find Kokkinisto in some restaurants. Stifado is more aromatic and slightly sweet in taste), Stuff eggplant (my favorite! They always make it so good with the authentic ingredients), Fava, Tzatziki, and Taramasalata (these three combos are a worth-to-try whenever you visit Greece), Fresh grilled vegetables, Moussaka, and never say no to the olives because they are delicious and so fresh!

When going to "meze" restaurants in Greece, you can order several small dishes and share them with friends or family. The services are always great and most of the time you'll find new people to talk with. That what makes eating in Greece can be a healing yet memorable experience. Here is a sneak-peak of the foods:

The majestic historical buildings ...

For some, exploring Ancient Greek history is the main force people will spend their money traveling to Greece and it's not wrong! Besides the food and natural beauty exploring, I'm always excited to explore the historical spots in a new place since it gives me a view of its grounded culture and why certain things happen the way they are. As we know Ancient Greek is the first-hold era of modern Western civilization comes from so there'll be many things to learn.

The famous destination you can visit is Athens and when you go on island hopping, do plan to visit Athens at least to take a picture of ancient buildings. Athens is a great destination for a family trip since you'll get to teach your children about some historical events happening in Ancient Greek. You will never know what knowledge you'll get here and I believe each place we visit will always teach us something related to our lives. This history visit can be a memory that stuck with you after your Greece trip is over, so enjoy them while it lasts!

The beautiful sunsets ...

As in the picture above, you'll get to enjoy the magical sunsets on each island you visit! This time will always be a good time to take some beautiful pictures with the glimmer of the sun's rays and luckily Greece has many great spots for memorable pictures. My favorite sunset spot is in Santorini as I get to watch the sun slowly dim far from the sea and you'll get to see the city night starting to wake up creating a magical night to remember.

You can enjoy the sunset from a rock overlooking the landscape in Meteora, Arios Pagos just beneath Acropolis, on Kos Island from the beach (they're undoubtedly magical), a rooftop bar in Athens, and even from your hotel window in Santorini. Make sure to take a moment and take that pictures as your "recollection" of the beauty of Greece. Believe me, you'll find many good sunset spots and will love every second of it by just sitting down and savoring the orange scenery around you.

The friendly and generous people ...

The locals are another reason why I will visit Greece again and it should be on your list too! The Greeks are known as some of the most friendly and hospitable people in Europe. Many travelers review Greece as the most welcoming place and no wonder that its hospitality has a long history. In Ancient Greek, there was a concept called "Philoxenia" which means "friendship with guests". Once you step into Greece (especially around the islands), you'll get the most welcome not only from the hotel or guest houses you stay but small restaurants.

I love the experience when dining in Santorini with its small cafes, yes the place can be small but the service and how they greet you as a long-lost friend are my reason why it is always worth it to explore Greece more than the tourist attractions! Besides the good food, they are super friendly and often give me suggestions to great underrated cafes or restaurants worth trying. So, try to befriend locals but still keep your guard up to keep you safe!

The cost-effective attractions ...

We know traveling can be done in many forms, whether you want to experience complete luxury, be on a budget, or in between (luxury place to stay and budget-friendly attractions). You can do this too when traveling to Greece because many places starting from cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels/guest houses are offering budget-friendly costs for budget travelers!

To avoid miscalculating your expenses, you better book a month or two weeks before you go since it will save your expenses, especially for hotels/resorts, ferries, yachts, and airplanes. If you're observant enough you find many local restaurants that offer delicious foods but are very affordable for your wallet! Booking a ferry or yacht is better done not on-site because the price can be different and usually higher, so I suggest you do your research as to which attractions you would love to visit, the costs, and whichever islands you love to hop on. It will save so much time and money yet still feel luxurious and memorable!

So, what are you waiting for? Book that flight, prepare your suitcase, and bring your travel journal to make unforgettable memories in Greece this 2023!

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