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Woman’s Traveler Highlight: Get to Know Briana Rice - Women’s Empowerment Advocate

In celebrating Women’s History Month of 2024, we’re shouting out to our gorgeous and gentle soul of Briana Rice closely known as Bri. As a black woman avid traveler, she has traveled to 39 countries in total and successfully established her luxurious travel and upscale event company, Bri cares about nurturing her communities in their journey of healing through sound energy retreat in paradise.

Learn more about Bri and get updates about her amazing story on her Instagram and Facebook 

Ms. California African American 2024

Active as a Women’s Empowerment Advocate, Briana has taken the crown to reign as Ms. California African American 2024 and Ms. Women of Achievement International. Her strong mission to empower other lives through her travel community and wine-tasting events has brought her impact to be known nationally and internationally. Her uplifting story as a woman who has struggled and healed with trauma from a toxic relationship brings and motivates individuals to heal. To finally meet with themselves and start taking care patiently of their growth.

Promoting Luxurious Self-Care

As a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) survivor, Briana makes it her mission to bring travelers, especially women, who love to travel the world to heal from their trauma and seek transformational growth. Since she founded her travel company in 2020, Love and Light Movement has helped many travelers bring more love and light into their lives, enjoying the luxury and divine beauty that was hindered by traumas.

“The Love and Light Movement includes exciting adventures, unique experiences, and luxury travel designed to bring more love and light to your life. It is our mission to promote collaboration between Black businesses to create a safe space and opportunity for growth and healing. We endeavor to ignite a spark in your soul so you can carry on with life filled with vigor anew.” (Travel Noire, July 5, 2021,

Luxury travel experience with like-minded groups ...

As a luxury traveler herself, Briana knows how life-changing and deserving it is to experience luxury accommodations while exploring paradise. As her focus is on wellness events and luxurious travel, The Love and Light Movement community attracts professionals and entrepreneurs who are in dire need of traveling in luxury while connecting with their divine energy through yoga, meditation, and sound healing that is already in her package.

Besides planning luxurious travel events and retreats, Love and Light Movement will give you personalized roadmaps to remove the emotional roadblocks to manifest your goals. From here, you can bring your friends to a group wellness luxury travel events connecting to your true selves and strengthening the bonds of sisterhood.

Combining luxury with upscale event

As a high-end traveler, Briana enjoys indulging herself in a luxury lifestyle such as wine tasting experience while hanging out with professionals and entrepreneurs community. This brings her to co-founded BlackBerry Merlot, an exclusive wine-tasting festival for the Culture fuses with wine, fashion, and R&B. Here, you can experience a wine-tasting exclusive to celebrate black love, black art & fashion, and black culture in a luxury serving.

As a co-founder of BlackBerry Merlot, she now chooses to focus on incorporating black-owned wine businesses as not African Americans hold less than 1% ownership. This aligns with her mission of bringing Black Wine Culture into the black community to enjoy living a life full of peace, love, and light in luxury.

Briana’s love to travel the world has opened the door of opportunity to what more what she can do and impact in this world. Through her amazing healing journey, she chooses to share the love and light with others, help them to release from the old stories that do not serve them anymore, and finally take the account to become the love and light itself.

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