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Your Must-Visit Destination for Fall Vacation - 5 places to visit

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us

When everyone is crazy about fulfilling their travel bucket list in the summer, what if you get the time to explore your dream destination during the fall season?

Fall is right around the corner. It’s an ideal time to finalize your travel bucket list to the places you’re been dreaming of going to during the pandemic. You’ll be wondering what the top places to visit before you go back to your occupation.

Here are 5 places you must visit for your fall vacation that our travel experts recommend:


It'll be spring in Australia when it’s fall in the USA. It is when the country starts to wake up from winter's deep sleep and bloom the wildflowers. This is the perfect time to go and enjoy Australia’s beauty and those who love spring season as much as I do!

You’ll get to enjoy the mild temperature, many beautiful blooming flower destinations, and natural bounties for adventurer lovers. Experience the annual Floriade festival in Canberra which features more than a million vibrant flowers across 8,000 miles, Coral Coast or Margaret River from Perth in Western Australia, Melbourne Cup, a tropical getaway in The Whitsundays Islands, and many things you can in Sydney!


As part of a tropical country in Southeast Asia, Thailand never loses its charm in every season. Going to Thailand in September and October gets you less crowded beaches, many exciting festivals, and of course less humidity in the cities. Many tourist attractions are still open which can give you more opportunities to explore, capture, and engage ultimately with the locals as tourists are getting fewer.

With your group or solo, you can go to see the beauty of Chiang Rai using the Golden Triangle from Chiang Mai, a railway tour of Thailand - Burma while enjoying the natural beauty of the Bridge on the river, Phi Phi Island exploration, and the luxury of Bangkok Dinner Cruise on the Chao Praya River. For the prices, you can check out Viator so you can plan your budget! Here is the complete itinerary to spend in the best spots in Phuket.


Just like Australia, our Fall is going to be Spring in Peru. It is the time when the country is transitioning from dry season to wet season. If you go to Peru in the early spring, you’ll enjoy the mild-dry weather that is perfect for hiking on the Inca Trail. You’ll get the perfect view of Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate this year which will make your fall vacation fun, full of ancient exploration.

If you go later in the spring, this is where you explore Peru in its beautiful time. You should bring yourself to The Sacred Valley of the Inca to taste the natural historical beauty of Peru in spring. Another alternative is Catohuasi Canyon, the world's deepest canyon. Paracas National Reserve can be your last resource when you love nature and history to see architecture pre-Colombian cultures and reserved animals you can only meet in Peru! Go here to get a complete 10-day itinerary in Machu Picchu.


Fall is indeed the season you don’t want to miss when visiting Japan because you’ll experience the cherry blossoms that are justifiably famous throughout Japan, especially in Kyoto. Kyoto is made for the fall season. It is the time when the changing color leaves an impressive burst of vibrance alongside the temples and palaces.

Consider visiting the Meiji Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Festival surrounded by the golden-yellowish colors of the trees, hiking in Mount Tokyo or Mount Oyama, Kochia Carnival, and exploring autumn Japanese foods! Bet you’ll get tons of experience during your getaway during the fall season in Japan with this ultimate luxury itinerary in Japan!


If you want to visit the “summer vibe” beach vacation, Fiji is the perfect destination with affordable 5-star accommodations during fall. Fall means the end of the wet season in Fiji. With every little bit of rain, you can still enjoy a full sunny day for a beach getaway to let go of the stress before wrapping this year up for more plans!

The best thing about Fall on Fiji Island is you’ll enjoy the vibrant greenery throughout the island. The temperatures are arguably better than in summer since it’s not really that hot but rather gives you the vibes of a beach breeze in the evening. You’re able to upgrade your accommodations whether it’ll be hotels, resorts, and/or flights since they’re less pricey and less crowded during this season!

So, where you do think you’ll land your feet for the fall getaway?


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