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Luxotic Cares is partnering with Girls Going Global for our Dubai Generational Wealth Retreat 2022, in sponsoring 2 girls to from underserved communities with the opportunity to learn wealth and entrepreneurial strategies while visiting one of the most luxurious places in the world.


Girls Going Global is a US non profit organization who’s mission is to empower girls to be global citizens by providing the tools, mentorship, and educational experiences, to make their mark on the world. Learn more about their programs below.



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The World

PTW is a global engagement program that focuses on three components;

  1. Global awareness

  2. Leadership training

  3. Civic Engagement.


PASSPORT Scholorships

GGG provides girls with the most essential tool for travel-a passport. Committed to the power of a passport we sponsor passports for any girl that participates in our programs as well as any girl that demonstrates a need to participate in any global education program.

To learn more email


Travel Camps

International Travel Camps (ITC) are GGG’s premier global education program that provides girls with the opportunity to see first hand the cultures they learn about. This international travel experience combines education, adventure, and service to create transformational experiences. Locations in the past have included Canada, Costa Rica, Belize, and Peru.

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Go Global



We're sending two girls to Dubai from the Girls Gone Global organization to learn Generational Wealth in Dubai. Learn more about each participant and make your donation to sponsor her retreat. Your tax-deductible donation will help advance her knowledge, see the world and apply the learnings to better herself and her future generation. Thank you for considering their foundation and it’s need to help young girls.

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Cyniah Spencer

Sponsorship Candidate



The term generational wealth refers to money and assets passed down from one generation to another, such as investments, real estate, family businesses and other holdings. It also includes intangible wealth such as a family's reputation, relationships, community impact, education and values. Unfortunately, generational wealth such as family businesses and investments has never been seen as a priority in my family. My parents and grandparents have always stressed to me and my sisters the importance of perseverance and working hard.

My parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles have always had jobs to provide and sustain monthly expenses. Most people would say for the most part my family has raised us by living “check-to-check.”  They have led by example in teaching us the financial management aspects of budgeting and maintaining “good credit.” But never from an angle of planning for generations.  Our parents worked hard to provide shared advice, examples and lessons on money management, budgeting and credit.

But I feel that their focus on daily jobs and daily burdens prevented them from being able to plan for the future of the next generations.

Generational wealth is important because we all want to maximize the options we have in life and in our futures. And having wealth provides options that cannot be reached though merely working a job, paying monthly bills, and living “check-to-check.”  When generational wealth becomes a part of the family dynamic, the wealth sharing will boost our families to the next level. With generational wealth, unlike our parents, we won’t have to worry about a job that does not fulfill us or pay our bills.  Also, unlike our parents, if we build generational wealth now, we won’t be forced into working jobs that we don’t enjoy and that can be taken away without notice.

Our focus on building generational wealth will give our children options in life on their career choices, where they choose to live, and how they raise their children.  Options that our parents never had..The foundation that our parents have laid with being hard workers, who are good with money and care about maintaining good credit, has set us in the right direction with our finances. It is important for us to use this foundation to plan now for generations. Whether it is starting a family business, making sound investments, or even purchasing real estate, any of these wealth building types of decisions will be rewarding and definitely worth the sacrifice.

"A focus on building generational wealth is very important and will be life changing in our family for generations to come"

Cyniah Spencer

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Greetings! My name is Tyler M. Ragin, and I am a sophomore at Fort Valley State University majoring in Plant Science Biotechnology. I believe that the Luxotic Generational Wealth Retreat would be very impactful on my overall development as a successful adult. Over the last few years my understanding and outlook on generational wealth has grown. Generational wealth allows for more options in life and generations to come can be relieved of financial burdens because they will already be financially set for the future.

Generational Wealth, in the baby boomer generation, was not something that was taught or was not as prevalent. Because of this, generational wealth was not something that was taught to my mother by my grandparents. 

Coming from a single parent household, I grew up having to see my mother work and grind hard for the things and accomplishments she has now. Money was tight and she was always making sure that I had anything I wanted or needed. Seeing her go through tough times made me want to work even harder as a young adult so when I do have kids in the future they will be set. I believe that being a part of this retreat will teach me the ins and out and the certain steps it takes to build generational wealth. By gaining these steps and putting them into action, I am certain that the generations that come after me are blessed by the seeds that I have sown.

"I believe that being a part of this retreat will teach me the ins and out and the certain steps it takes to build generational wealth"

Tyler Ragin


Tyler Ragin

Sponsorship Candidate


Girls Going Global provides global leadership programming to girls from underrepresented communities. Our mission is to empower girls of color through travel and cultural exchange to become creators and leaders of the world.

Please consider a tax-deductible cash donation. Receipts will be issued and a report of how the funds were spent will be reported. Thank you for considering our foundation and it’s need to help young girls.

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