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Luxotic X Girls Going Global: Dreams of Two HBCU Students Come True in Dubai!

Last December 2022 was a memorable time for Luxotic Retreats to change the lives of two girls of color in Dubai!

Partnering with Girls Going Global, Luxotic made the dream of Tyler and Cyniah become true in transforming their lives with tools and knowledge to develop their futures! The tools and knowledge were packaged in business strategies, personal development, and professional career advice to last a lifetime!

The following list details the tools and knowledge that were provided to these young ladies to transform their lives:

Professional Career Insight

Surrounded by professionals and successful people in their fields, these two young ladies were given the opportunity to interact, as well as, "network" with phenomenal people. The masterclasses were the "gold mine" for these young ladies to get the insight about their professional careers and how best to develop and plan their futures.

Business Strategies and Management

These two young ladies gained not just insight in their professional careers, but also "ideas", to start their own businesses. They also learned and acquired strategies to grow as future entrepreneurs. These two young ladies demonstrated how energized and how pumped up they were to have this opportunity to improve their lives.

(Tyler -in black shirt- attended Generational Wealth Masterclasses)

(Cyniah -in white shirt- and Tyler learn business and wealth generating from Dion Coopwood session)

Wealth Mindset

Having a list of "ideas" packaged with strategies is "not enough" to accelerate yourself to be successful. Training your "wealth mindset" is just as crucial - as strategic planning. Learning to have a "wealth mentality" is one of the many reasons - an entrepreneur strives and continues to thrive. Developing a "wealth mindset" was one of the many "masterclasses" that was taught in Dubai.

Personal Development

The combination of all these values: the mindset, the ideas and the financial strategies help make your plan become achievable goals accompanied with your personal development. Building your career and business is not only a journey to strive in a successful world, but also a personal development journey. To stay aligned with your vision and mission in the professional field, you need a strong foundation of personal values. The masterclasses combined with influential and powerful people gave these young ladies the insight on how to strive for their personal growth while standing firm in their rooted values.

(Tyler and Cyniah with Leticia Ricks)

It's important for our future leaders to be given the place and opportunity to strive to become their best selves. If Luxotic can participate in transforming future generations' lives, you can also.

Want to know more about Girls Going Global mission and what they do? Click here.

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