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Must Have Travel Items for Your Next International Post Covid Trip

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

The world is opening again - slowly but surely! As we're all experiencing, travel is going to look a lot different from what most of us are used to. Whether you are booking your first international trip or you're a frequent flyer, this list will have the must-haves you need to make sure your ready for your next Post Covid International Trip outside of your country. From sanitation measures, limiting direct contact and protecting yourself, check out these eight necessary items you’ll need to travel different. Spoiler Alert: All of these items are included with every Luxotic Booking and are available in the Luxotic Shop!

International Adaptor 2000W All in One Universal Power Adapter Plug

Have you ever gotten to a new country and realize none of your outlets work? Only to run to the nearest shop and pay way too much for an adapter that only works in that specific country. Check out our Luxotic Shop for our All in One Universal Power Adapter Plug, and use this USB wall charger to 150+ countries, fits with US UK EU CHINA outlets. It has 4 USB Type A and 1 USB Type C ports, so charge multiple devices with this European power adapter at once! The adapter is extremely rugged and durable from external impact!

PPE Kit All-in-One Personal Protection Kits to GO,10 Pack

If you’ve traveled recently, you’ll notice that airports are the cleanest they’ve ever been in years, but everyone is still required to wear PPE throughout the airport and during the entirety of the flight Amazon sells this great All-in-one 10-pack of PPE kits that has everything you need all in one for the airport experience.

All in One Extendable Phone Tripod Selfie Stick

This all in one tripod selfie stick is perfect for solo travelers and group travelers to capture priceless moments while keeping social distancing, and not handing your phone to a stranger (can we say contact tracing). This 3 in 1 Extendable Bluetooth Tripod & Selfie Stick w/ Detachable Wireless Remote is available in our Luxotic Shop and doubles as a compact Bluetooth controlled selfie stick and tripod, smaller than the size of a water bottle and great as a carry on!

Wireless Smart Tracker Luggage and Key Locator

When travel increases, so will the number of bags getting from point a to point b. And if you ever waited at a gate for what seemed like forever then you know how necessary a luggage tracker is, to know if your luggage is in the country, and begin to make the most of your travel without worry. Grab one from our Luxotic shop or directly from Amazon. Getting luggage from one point to another for an increased number of travelers might increase the amount of luggage mishaps exist. These great Bluetooth luggage trackers (and really anything trackers) will help you know where your baggage is at anytime. They have an Anti Lost Alarm Sensor Device for great for finding Kids, Car, Wallet, Pets, Phone, Selfie Shutter, Alarm, and for Reminders, all APP Control and Compatible with iOS and Android.

RFID Credit Card Protector Blocking Sleeves

Protect your credit cards from thieves as you protect your credit and debit cards with RFID Credit Card Sleeves, from our Luxotic Shop or from Amazon. If you didn't know, hackers have the ability to walk next to your purse, wallet or bag steal your credit card information, just being in close proximity. Since they’ve missed the influx of travelers, you’ll want to protect yourself even more by grabbing these Credit Card Protector Sleeves to Block Data Theft - RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeves for Credit & Debit Cards Protection. This fit its in Wallet & Purses, and is designed to protect credit cards, money cards, identification cards from electronic fraud or theft; RFID shields are a superb debit card protector, or for passport holder RFID blocking to provide superior travel security. Made from special RFID blocking material, this credit cards holder and RFID blocking passport holder is thin and lightweight; certified secure sleeves for credit cards protect against scanning of digital and electronic chips by thieves, tear- and water-resistant


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