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Luxotic Dubai Wealth Retreat Delivers a 5 Star Experience, Guests Say

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

We at Luxotic Retreats just want to take this time to thank everyone who joined us for our luxurious retreat in Dubai. The retreat proved to be both relaxing and informative at the same time as guests gleamed information and resources from guest speakers from all walks of life that offered insightful information that can propel business and personal growth.

If you have never experienced a Luxotic Retreat, then you have no idea what you are missing. The Luxotic Dubai recap video is just a sneak peak into the conference day and the kick off of our retreat.

Luxotic Retreats CEO and founder, Leticia Ricks said "The Luxotic Generational Wealth Conference gave everything we prayed for and MORE! So many people ask me what Luxotic Retreats is about - and this was IT!

Luxotic Retreats is focused on delivering global enrichment retreats for entrepreneurs and professionals to learn and grow in paradise - by connecting guests with world-class industry experts, combining luxury travel and exclusive experiences with immersive masterclasses and organic connections. During our Dubai Wealth conference, our guests learned about "Wealth through business credit and multiple income streams", “Wealth through Legal Entities”, “Wealth Through Money Philosophies”, “Wealthy and Healthy mindset”, “Wealth through Branding”, “Wealth through Cryptocurrency and Stock cycles” and “Wealth through Real Estate”. All of our guest now have all of the information, and content to reach their next level in wealth for 2022!"

At Luxotic Retreats we strive to bring informative networking events in an engaging and unforgettable atmosphere, where stories of success as well as failures help guests gain a perspective of hope and persistence to continue on their entrepreneurial endeavors. Special thanks to all our guests as well as all our awesome speakers, including:

  • Sabine Franco who indulged us with the topic of wealth through legal entities.

  • Quiana Watson who spoke with us on the topic of wealth through real estate.

  • Dr. Tiffaney Williams who dwelled into the topic of wealth through business credit and multiple income streams.

  • Armando Pantoja who enlightened us on the topic of cryptocurrency and stock cycles.

  • Van Taylor who spoke on the topic of wealth through branding.

  • Karmisha Superville who gave us valuable information on mental health and a wealthy mindset.

  • Chelsea Ghant who spoke on wealth through money philosophies.

If you would like to learn more about the guest speakers from this event, we are offering the virtual experience where you can access all these marvelous guests’ speakers’ informational sessions from this retreat. Click here to access this incredible resource.

We are also grateful for the entire Luxotic team, who provided a consistent five-star experience for our 40 guests who joined us during the week, who were comprised of successful professionals, entrepreneurs and avid travelers.

Here's what some of our guests had to say: "My favorite part was the people. Being around a group of people whom I never met before, but felt like I have while making instant connections was amazing. Being apart of the black excellency within our culture could not be matched." - Denesha B. One of our featured speakers, Sabine Franco said "My favorite part of the whole Luxotic experience was how warm and welcome the Luxotic team made me and my family feel. We felt cared for and considered which is a big deal for us. The events were also fun and top notch. The itinerary was action packed, updated daily, and flexible to account for last minute unforeseen circumstances." Another guest, Robenia C., who mentioned her favorite part of the retreat was "The conference and having the ability to interact and have intimate teaching moments" with our speakers and all of the guests.

During our retreat to Dubai, guests were immersed in the rich culture as they sat in on conferences situated with Burj Khalifa as a jaw-dropping backdrop. Then as we ended the evening, guests were exposed to the rich attractions that Dubai has to offer as they enjoyed dinner while suspended over 160 feet in the air.

The view of the city from that aerial view is something that has to be seen to believe and trust me when I tell you, it is a moment you will not soon forget.

Highlights from this astonishing trip were when guests and speakers were able to enjoy Desert Safari, Dune bashing, ATV riding, Camel Riding.

Guests were also able to enjoy cultural performances and photos curated in the desert and taken by an award-winning international Photographers, Hajji Hassan based in US and Mishaal Ashok and team, based in Dubai.

Another memorable moment was when guests experienced Old Town Dubai at the gold Souk.

Many of the ladies in attendance shot breathtaking photos in the desert in a Floganza Flying Dress.

The night then ended with a lovely dinner situated at the prestigious Siddhartha Lounge where guests continued their networking experience with one another. Guests also visited the Dubai Miracle garden which encompasses over 100 varieties of flowers. We also visited a private art gallery, explored the Dubai mall, and ate dinner while witnessing an unforgettable magical water show of the Dubai fountain. But our night wasn’t finished until we traveled to the top of the Burj Khalifa.

The retreat ended on a high as we experienced a luxurious yacht party in which everyone in attendance gathered in celebration of 2021 successes; as well as continuing efforts to organically network and strategically absorb the conference information to prepare m for successes to come in 2022.

Not only were guests able to network organically through the Luxotic Retreat, but they were able to build relationships and as an added bonus, they are able to use the trip as a business write off.

Luxotic Retreats offers a striking, curated experience untapped by any other company in our line of business. We not only offer an astounding vacation experience, but we offer patrons the opportunity to learn, network, level up and live it up in a phenomenal, unmatched experienced.

Come experience the Luxotic Retreats Experience for yourself.

Missed this trip? Don’t worry, we have many trips coming up that you do not want to miss, including our upcoming Entrepreneurship Excellence Retreat to Egypt this coming April.

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Special thanks and acknowledgement to our incredible team!

Our retreat media director and international photographer, Shoot with Haz, sound engineer & international DJ, DJ Money Jay, Chief Administration Officer & Celebrity Nail Artist Tiffany Mungin-Jones, CEO and Founder Leticia Ricks, Chief Operations Officer, and International Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach Ryan Ricks, photography intern and student, Sean Morris, Dubai Event Director and entrepreneur, Halimah Saalakhan, and Executive Assistant and entrepreneur, Penelope Florentino. If you are interested in learning more about how you can join the Luxotic team, send email to

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