The Virtual Generational Wealth Experience is designed to give our guests the tools, knowledge, and resources to scale their personal and business finances. Our conference will share high value content on creating generational wealth, through industry experts who will lead masterclasses on crypto currency, wealth management, stocks/ investments, real estate, trusts, credit, insurance and more.

Sessions include: 

  • Dr. Tiffaney Williams - Wealth through business credit and multiple income streams

  • Sabine Franco - Wealth through Legal Entities

  • Chelsea Ghant - Wealth Through Money Philosophies

  • Van Taylor - Wealth through Branding

  • Armando Pantoja - Wealth through Cryptocurrency and Stock cycles

  • Quiana Watson - Wealth through Real Estate

  • Karmisha Superville - Power Break Wealth mindset


Learn from our Generational Wealth Dubai Masterclasses as we stream our virtual conference. This virtual experience is $1,500 worth of valuable content for less than $100!


Here is what is included in the Luxotic Virtual Experience:

  • Front row virtual access to the Stream of all Seminars

  • Added to our private Facebook group for on-going exclusive event content

  • On-going exclusive Digital Products




Luxotic Retreats is committed to the continued success and wellness in the lives of our members. When you book a vacation package with Luxotic Retreats, you are booking a fully immersive experience, that will create lasting impacts on your life. 




Considered one of the foremost Financial Technology experts in the world. After graduating college, I started a company called APAN software that specialized in developing custom software. We became moderately successful and I deferred study to focus on the business. Unfortunately, after five years the business failed due to poor cash-flow management. While this was a disappointing setback, it was a valuable lesson in resilience. The experience I gained was instrumental, and in 2017, I started my second company Quant Index. Quant Index was formed to explore opportunities in the emerging blockchain space. In mid-2017 we developed a cryoptocurrency “HIRE” and began accepting investments to market the platform “HireMatch”. During this investment phase, we created another application HireMatch is a platform that utilizes blockchain and our cryptocurrency “HIRE” to connect job seekers and recruiters. The platform incentivizes agents to find, validate and fill a job from our network by enabling them to HIRE” tokens. Hiring a new employee can be expensive. This technology reduces costs and casts a wider net of experienced applicants by providing recruiters access to crowdsourced labor. HireMatch has formed a multi-million-dollar partnership with, the world’s largest recruitment website to exclusively use their platform to publish our jobs. We created ICORanker as we noticed that the ICO market was fragmented, with no central authority for investors to easily assess new projects. We solved this issue by using artificial intelligence to target, analyze and rate new projects.