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The Virtual Generational Wealth Experience is designed to give our guests the tools, knowledge, and resources to scale their personal and business finances. Our conference will share high value content on creating generational wealth, through industry experts who will lead masterclasses on crypto currency, wealth management, stocks/ investments, real estate, trusts, credit, insurance and more.

Sessions include: 

  • Dr. Tiffaney Williams - Wealth through business credit and multiple income streams

  • Sabine Franco - Wealth through Legal Entities

  • Chelsea Ghant - Wealth Through Money Philosophies

  • Van Taylor - Wealth through Branding

  • Armando Pantoja - Wealth through Cryptocurrency and Stock cycles

  • Quiana Watson - Wealth through Real Estate

  • Karmisha Superville - Power Break Wealth mindset


Learn from our Generational Wealth Dubai Masterclasses as we stream our virtual conference. This virtual experience is $1,500 worth of valuable content for less than $100!


Here is what is included in the Luxotic Virtual Experience:

  • Front row virtual access to the Stream of all Seminars

  • Added to our private Facebook group for on-going exclusive event content

  • On-going exclusive Digital Products




Luxotic Retreats is committed to the continued success and wellness in the lives of our members. When you book a vacation package with Luxotic Retreats, you are booking a fully immersive experience, that will create lasting impacts on your life. 




Considered one of the foremost Financial Technology experts in the world. After graduating college, I started a company called APAN software that specialized in developing custom software. We became moderately successful and I deferred study to focus on the business. Unfortunately, after five years the business failed due to poor cash-flow management. While this was a disappointing setback, it was a valuable lesson in resilience. The experience I gained was instrumental, and in 2017, I started my second company Quant Index. Quant Index was formed to explore opportunities in the emerging blockchain space. In mid-2017 we developed a cryoptocurrency “HIRE” and began accepting investments to market the platform “HireMatch”. During this investment phase, we created another application HireMatch is a platform that utilizes blockchain and our cryptocurrency “HIRE” to connect job seekers and recruiters. The platform incentivizes agents to find, validate and fill a job from our network by enabling them to HIRE” tokens. Hiring a new employee can be expensive. This technology reduces costs and casts a wider net of experienced applicants by providing recruiters access to crowdsourced labor. HireMatch has formed a multi-million-dollar partnership with, the world’s largest recruitment website to exclusively use their platform to publish our jobs. We created ICORanker as we noticed that the ICO market was fragmented, with no central authority for investors to easily assess new projects. We solved this issue by using artificial intelligence to target, analyze and rate new projects. 




As Chief Esquire of Franco Law Firm P.C., by trade, Sabine Franco leads her team ensuring that clients keep their assets and protect it for generations. Sabine advises clients on areas of asset protection, such as business, intellectual property, and estate planning matters. She is dedicated to working closely with her community of customers to design the best possible outcomes for their endeavors. Some of her recent accolades include Adjunct Professor at Hofstra University School of law, where she taught Foundational Lawyering Skills from 2017-2019; Speaking national in front of audiences ranging from 500-4,000, educating on the legal aspect of real estate ownership as well as protecting those assets with business entities; featured on “The Breakfast Club” (New York’s #1 radio show) as a real estate asset protection expert; featured on Grow with Google small business panel in May of 2020; Featured multiple times on “Earn Your Leisure” Podcast (Top 30 Podcast on Apple) ; being published three times in “The Suffolk Lawyer”, in February 2017, April 2018, and in October 2019. Sabine is a wife and a mother who likes to spend her spare time with her family participating in outdoor activities and traveling. She also manages the legal affairs of a nonprofit organization, “Marie’s Food Pantry”, whose mission is to fight hunger in the poorest neighborhoods of Haiti by providing hot meals to the community. Follow Sabine on Instagram to learn more about her work!




Chelsea Ghant is a Diversity Recruiting Operations Program Manager at Amazon leading central tooling and mechanisms for Prime Video Studios, Advertising and Devices & Services Talent Acquisition. Chelsea Ghant is also an investor, financial strategist and accomplished public speaker. She is a personal finance and investment coach to professional athletes, lawyers, engineers, corporate managers, international business owners and more. She founded Ghant Global, LLC, a no-fee based financial coaching service focused on fostering finance fundamentals, wealth creation strategies and financial literacy acumen through; virtual and in-person 1:1 or group coaching. She coaches and analyzes through data tested and effective mental models and develops robust and comprehensive financial action plans that are proven to change a client’s financial trajectory and outlook on life. Client customized financial plans include; defined financial goal targets, “working backwards” timelines, checkpoints, continued resources and more. Chelsea's coaching consistently uncovers financial possibilities for increased income and financial wellness. Her 5+ years of expertise in financial strategy and planning is leveraged by her Harvard Business School Certification in Finance, B.A. in International Business and Chinese from Western Washington University, countless hours of field research on money philosophy and a deep passion for supporting women and professionals of color achieve their highest level of financial confidence, independence and ultimately freedom. Follow Chelsea on Instagram to learn more about her work!




America's Leading Personal/Business Credit and Financial Strategist, Tiffaney Williams is the Olivia Pope of Finance, with over 12 years of experience providing clients with step-by-step guidance to achieving their personal and business financial goals. She is notably known for building companies, launching clients into six figures, and assisting over 5000 people with obtaining 700+ credit scores. Her simple techniques are straightforward and easy for any audience to grasp. Tiffaney is a 3x published author, holds a master’s degree in Economics from Tennessee State University and a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from Wayne State University. She also holds several nationally known financial certifications: ICFE – Institute of Consumer Financial Education, CMA – Certified Management Accountant, FRM – Financial Risk Management, CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst, NACC – National Association of Certified Credit Counseling and CCCS – Consumer Credit Counseling Services. Follow Tiffaney on Instagram to learn more about her work!







Van Taylor worked for ten years in corporate America, building health clubs to seven- and eight-figures. Still, he felt he couldn't be his authentic self during that time or have the impact he was destined to have. In 2016 he'd finally had enough, so he "fired his boss" and vowed to use his expertise to help other people so that they would never have to live life by building other people's dreams.

This determination to focus on his own dreams and legacy helped shape Van Taylor’s entrepreneurial spirit. He loves helping others live their truths, inspiring them, and teaching them how to monetize their expertise and passions. Van most recently has launched his Brand With Purpose Mastermind which teaches entrepreneurs how to brand with purpose by using their story as the foundation of their brand! He shows his clients stories that sell products and services don’t! Speaking is Van's passion and strength as he’s spoken internationally in Senegal to various stages in the US inspiring people to live their truths by accepting their purpose! Van has created his 10 Brand commandments that he teaches from stages globally, empowering his audience to take immediate action to build a powerful global brand! Van is more than a speaker, also a Philanthropist, Mentor, and CEO of 2020 Vision Club LLC. Follow Van on Instagram to learn more about his work. 

Quiana Watson Assets.png



With a penchant for high levels of detail, fierce customer advocacy, and unmatched professionalism, it’s no surprise Quiana Watson, MBA, real estate agent, broker, and CEO, has sold millions of dollars of properties and taught others agents how to do the same. Part of the elite top 2% producing real estate professionals recognized by the National Association of Realtors, Quiana is a highly sought-after real estate magnate in the metro Atlanta area. She owns both Watson Realty Co. – a full-service, top-of-the-line real estate brokerage, and Agents Tool For Success – a coaching business for real estate agents looking to live the good life all while scaling their income to seven figures and beyond. Real estate professionals and clients rely on Quiana’s extensive knowledge and creative approach to buying and selling property, to both find the house of their dreams and build a multi-million-dollar business. Her exemplary commitment, dedication, and attention to detail have garnered her recognition as one of Atlanta’s top brokers. Quiana knows the key to success can be unlocked with the right balance of care, professionalism, and drive for excellence. Acquiring her Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) and Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) designations have allowed Quiana to serve her clients the crème de la creme. Her background in marketing and management is another piece of what makes Quiana one of the most admirable and effective sales agents in the metro Atlanta region. Quiana is a firm believer in integrity, quality, respect, trust, courage, agility, and ultimately fun. When she’s not delivering exceptional, round-the-clock service to her clientele, she can be found nurturing relationships with industry-leading brokers, training other sales agents to become seasoned experts, or donating her time as an ambassador at several non-profits. Quiana's favorite quote is " If you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you play good, If you play good, they pay good." Deion Sanders. Her style, knowledge, and attention to detail are apparent in all of her successful business endeavors.

 Follow Quiana on Instagram to learn more about her work!










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