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Things to Know When Traveling to Dubai

Things to Know When Traveling to Dubai

Ever seen pictures of Dubai, or seen it depicted in a movie, and thought, “I want to travel there someday”? If you are like many people, Dubai is one destination that may be on your bucket list to visit and who can blame you? Known for its lavished shopping, luxurious hotels and resorts, popular night life, awe-inspiring architecture and just for being bigger and better with everything, here is some information that you should know about the great city, if you are planning a trip there.

Where is Dubai?

Dubai is a westernized city situated in the Middle East. It is one of the world’s most luxurious cities, not that its necessary to be a millionaire to visit the city. It is known for being forward thinking and always continuing to grow. It is a part of the United Arab Emirates or UAE. Situated in the desert, Dubai is very hot, dry and humid during summer months boasting temperatures upwards of 113 degrees.

What to Wear?

Because Dubai is a United Arab Emirate, it is important to consider the laws of the land as it relates to dress and such. When in public areas, it is best to dress modestly. It is important to consider the laws of the land as it relates to dress and such. When in public areas, it is best to dress modestly unless you are in tourists’ hotspots and at the hotels. And if you decide to visit a Mosque, be sure to adhere to the dress codes.

Dubai is the world’s most luxurious city, but you don’t have to be a millionaire to visit. On a budget? Dubai boasts budget friendly hotels. Stay at one of the city hotel chains such as Hilton Garden Inn. You can take taxis and the Metro to get around during your visit. There is inexpensive gourmet food that you can find in Dubai. Try food from all over the world wandering the streets of Deira. You can find some authentic food in and around Al Muraggabat Road and Al Rigga Road in Deira.

. If you are looking for retail therapy on a budget, check out the Deira markets or the Dubai Creek where you can do some haggling. Dubai has some vibrant clubs and bars, and most are packed on Thursday and Friday nights. Clubs and bars can be found at the hotels mostly, due to licensing laws in the UAE. Tuesdays are known as Ladies night. Ladies can enjoy free drinks. You can enjoy all you can eat and drink brunches on Fridays as well. The UAE has a very strict zero tolerance approach to drinking and driving so make sure you have your taxi ride lined up after a night out on the town.

Dubai boasts rich cultures and combines Arab, Bedouin and Islamic traditions. If you wish to learn the history, you can visit Ethihad Museum or Dubai Museum exhibits of Bedouin life in the desert and rooms showcasing archaeological findings.

What to do in Dubai?

Do you identify as a foodie? Take a food tour. Enjoy a traditional Emirati meal while inside a traditional courtyard restaurant. You can visit Sheikh Mohammad’s Center of Cultural Understanding for a Q and A session on Emirati culture.

Dubai is known for its desert city adventures on the desert safari. Take a trip down the sand dunes in true tourist's style. While in the desert, activities include off-road adventures on quad bikes, navigating sandy areas, sandboarding down dunes and so much more. Enjoy an overnight stay at Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa in a lavish tented-style villa.

Dubai is a rewarding experience and if you remember the basic things about traveling to this luxurious city, it will make for a memorable vacation experience.

COVID in Dubai

Dubai is ready for you to visit, but are you ready? Please note: all travelers arriving in Dubai from any location must have a negative PCR test certificate, and the test must have been taken no more than 72 hours prior to the time of departure. Be sure to make sure your country is not on the list of countries that Dubai is requiring you to hold a negative PCR test, taken no more than 48 hours prior to the time of departure.

Your negative COVID-19 certificates must be printed in English or Arabic; PCR certificates in other languages are acceptable if they can be validated at the originating station only.

Passengers will be required to take another test at Dubai Airports upon arrival provided you are traveling from certain areas and if you show symptoms of COVID-19 on arrival. All travelers must check the country requirements from which they are departing for more details.

If you are traveling with children or passengers who have severe or moderate disability, they are exempt from the PCR test. It is important to secure medical travel insurance with international coverage that covers COVID-19 before traveling.

Traveling to Dubai is a great location with rich culture and exciting new experiences, but we all want to be safe so please practice all safety precautions to ensure you are keeping yourself as well as others safe while traveling.

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