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Luxotic Curates International Mastermind Retreat in Dubai for World Renowned Entrepreneur

In the beginning of December 2022, Luxotic Retreats successfully curated a phenomenal Inner Circle Mastermind in Dubai with World Renowned Entrepreneur Nehemiah Davis.

Nehemiah Davis is an award-winning author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He was able to get through all the challenges life has given him and come out successful in helping others to live boldly with their purposes. His accomplishments have helped him become famous for the Circle of Greatness Academy which has helped millions of people to live purposeful lives both personally and professionally.

Luxotic Retreats was chosen as the curator to make the mastermind happen. Intertwined by the same purpose, Luxotic Retreats has helped Circle of Greatness from "scratch" - from event planning, hotel reservations, digital marketing, transportation, assembling production teams, and planning adventurous excursions!

Look at the phenomenal Inner Circle Mastermind in Dubai that was perfectly planned by Luxotic Retreats and captured in the beautiful pictures below!

Day 1: Yacht Party & White Dinner Party!

Before embarking in "the learning and the growing" in paradise, Luxotic curated a fresh and exciting first day in Dubai with a yacht party and an "all-white" dinner party! Look at all that was done in preparation for all those attending to ensure the "excitement" for the next day!

Day 2: Inner Circle Conference Day One

Day 2 was about listening, learning, and planning! From the deluxe and personalized welcome bookbags to the production, digital media, photography and videography - Luxotic’s team has set the bar high for future retreats, where guests have attested to the Dubai retreat being the best yet.

After the first day of learning, the Luxotic team also hosted premium excursions - such as Hot Air Ballooning (at dawn) and "Dinner in the Sky".

Day 3: Inner Circle Conference Day Two

The excitement and willingness to continue growing from attendees continued on Day 3. To end the day, Luxotic planned for attendees to relax their minds at the world’s largest Dubai Mall!

Day 4 & 5: Full Days of Adventurous Excursions!

Besides curating the conference, Luxotic arranged activities like: Camel Desert Riding, ATV Desert Excursions, Helicopter Rides around Dubai Palm Island, visits to the Museum of The Future, and even Dubai Desert Gown Photoshoots - which made the trip memorable!

This conference was able to be held smoothly because of the 15 years of experience Luxotic has had in arranging international events and planning everything from scratch for customers. With "experience", Luxotic Retreats is your answer to planning and holding international seminars, global events, birthday retreats, and even purposeful retreats in exotic places!

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